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This pregnancy has been so very different from my first in so many ways.

It’s been physically different, emotionally different, and it’s becoming more and more different as the end approaches.

When I was pregnant with Grace, Joe and I prepared the nursery months ahead of time. The crib was set up, the rocker/recliner in place, and the walls decorated before I entered my third trimester.

Shelves were erected, filled, and organized. We bought supplies, a stuffed chair, toys, and I can’t tell you what else. Characteristically, I went totally overboard.

We crafted. Joe painted a train using the letters of her name. I sewed receiving blankets and quilts. Joe painted the baby name and some stars to hang on the walls. I made quilted fabric books.

The bassinet sat beside our bed for weeks. We had the car seat installed by a trained car seat technician months ahead of time.

Grace’s clothes were sorted, washed, and stacked neatly inside her dresser.

I made a packing list and had my hospital bag ready to go 3 months before Grace was born.

We couldn’t have been more ready for the arrival of our first baby.

This time… not so much.

We’ve done this baby thing before. We’re having a second girl, so we already have most everything we need.

I’ve had no sense of urgency.

I’ve purchased a couple of outfits for the new baby.

And that’s it.

Oh, no, that’s wrong. I got a Sleepy Wrap, too. I always wanted one with Grace but never had one.

The baby clothes? Unsorted, in boxes in the basement.

The bassinet? Wrapped in plastic in the basement. There’s not even a spot for it next to my bed. Where it needs to sit are stacks of books and toys.

Crib? In pieces in the basement. It will need to be set up in the spare room, but the spare room currently houses two dressers, a twin-sized bed, my sewing supplies, and all of Joe’s clothes.

We don’t have a crib mattress, unless you count the one in Grace’s toddler bed. That she sleeps on each night.

Dresser and changing table? Full of Grace’s clothes, in Grace’s bedroom.

Bottles? We don’t have any. I’m hoping not to need them.

Toys? Newborns don’t need toys, so it should be okay that Grace’s baby toys are all over the house.

Hospital bag? I don’t even remember what I put in it the last time.

And then, yesterday, my obstetrician sent me to the Labor & Delivery ward at the hospital.

My blood pressure has been creeping up over the last few weeks. My doctor took me off work and ordered bed rest. I’m supposed to be avoiding salt and stress.

No problem.

But yesterday, my blood pressure was so high that the doctor considered delivering my baby. They tested and monitored and talked about the birth of my baby.

Cue the urgency!

Cue the stress!

In the end, my baby wasn’t delivered, but I now know it’s entirely possible. The possibility of delivering my January baby because of my high blood pressure increases with each week that passes.

I’m on bed rest. There’s no cleaning, sorting, washing, or organizing in my future.

I’m feeling a little anxious.

I am wholly unprepared.

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9 thoughts on “Unprepared”

  1. LOL – I was the same way with #1 and #2 – and here’s the secret. . .you don’t NEED all that stuff you had for #1 – and you know that now. . .you didn’t know that the first time. The baby won’t sleep in the crib for a bit – you know you don’t “need” a changing table – I set up a basket with necessities downstairs and used the floor =). So don’t think of it as unprepared – think of is as IN THE KNOW! =)


  2. Tara girl, I was in total denial that my little guy was on his way. Clothes unwashed. Bassinet in the basement… sound familiar? 😉 You know what? He came. We snuggled. He nursed. And all is well. Babies truly need so LITTLE to be content. They need mama and clean diapers (I guess I would recommend getting some diapers and wipes!) Take care of you!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, girl. This is NOT a fail. You being unprepared is just the reality of life. Bless your heart. You have been heavy on my heart for several days and I have been praying for you. I figured it was a blood pressure thing. (Remember, in my previous life – I was an L&D nurse for 14 years!) Anyway, I am sure you are feeling tons of anxiety. Praise God you have family nearby who can help you. I pray they will all step up and help you and Joe, as the day approaches. And, as you now realize, that day may be much sooner than expected. I am glad Amy left you some good advice and supportive words as well, since she just went through this. How wonderful to have such online support, as well. Love you and praying for you!

    • Yes, that’s right! I would have told you if you’d asked. 🙂 I rarely keep secrets.

      I do feel wonderful support, in “real life” and online. My mom and my sister have been taking Grace a lot in the evenings so that I can just relax and rest. Grace loves it, and I’m pretty sure that they do, too.

  4. I had hypertension before I was pregnant, but it was well controlled. I think the test I’m doing now is to ascertain whether I have PIH or pre-eclampsia. Everything so far has indicated PIH, so I hope it stays that way! That’s definitely the lesser of the two evils.
    Thanks for being so kind.

  5. Tara I wish I was closer to help you out. I would love to come help you prepare while you relax and boss me around. It will be okay. I think you over prepare when it’s your first because you don’t know what to expect. Now that we’ve had babies we know exactly what to expect and can probably look back and say that a lot of that preparing was completely unnecessary. This new baby will enter this world, organized and prepared or not, and she will be perfectly wonderful. Relax, it will all be okay.

  6. I totally agree with these ladies! That baby girl is going to be loved, and that’s all she needs. If you decide to wrap her back end in a t-shirt, I don’t think she’s really gonna care!!!

    I’d advise packing the bag tho, just in case. I hated sending DH home when I had #1 trying to explain not to bring the tampons, and I needed a scrunchie, not an elastic band…and where on this earth was my tooth brush?!

    Yup. Pack the bag…or better yet, have Grace help you 😉

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