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Thinking About Thanksgiving

This past weekend was the first in at least a month when both Joe and I were home together and there was nothing pressing on the calendar.

He spent time cleaning our basement/family room.

I had a few posts to write, and I wanted to start working on cleaning our bedroom to make room for the bassinet.

We both wanted to spend time playing with Grace and lavishing her with attention.

She's been struggling the last couple of weeks. Joe has been working six days a week, between eleven and thirteen hours a day. She's being teased by some of the older kids at her preschool. She is excited about our new baby, but feeling apprehensive about it.

She's feeling emotions that she doesn't have the words to explain.

So we decided to spend lots of time playing with her this weekend.

On Saturday morning, Joe tried to get her to play trains with him in the basement, but she was uninterested. As I was working on Things to Write Home About, I found a link to 1+1+1=1's newest printable pack for preschoolers.

After looking at the free Thanksgiving Printable Pack, I knew Grace would love the graphics and the activities. A lot of it features Gobbles the turkey (that we have) and the Little People Thanksgiving Celebration (that we also have).

Even though we haven't gotten either out yet this fall, Grace remembered them and called them by name.

I printed out the whole package, split it into coloring pages, cutting pages, and activity pages. I showed her what there was to do, and let her pick what we did and in which order.

First, we colored.

coloring Thanksgiving turkeys

I love when she gives me that All right, take the picture already. face.

After I put the camera away, she put on a show, explaining to me what each turkey's name was, where he lived, what his personality was, and what he did at school all day.

I couldn't help myself, so we also talked about which turkeys were colored the best, and which ones got sloppy. I didn't explain those concepts, instead asking her to point them out. She knew which ones were nice and which weren't. She also told me that the messy ones were so because I was in a hurry.

Next, we talked about letters and colored more.

Thanksgiving preschool printables

We talked about the pilgrims and the natives and how the natives helped the pilgrims. I left out the part about the pilgrims stealing from the natives; I figured there's plenty of time for that when she gets older.

The last thing I photographed was the color by number.

Grace interpreted those numbers as suggestions; she wasn't happy with how the feathers were intended to be colored.

Where's the purple? she asked.

“I don't think turkeys have purple feathers,” I explained.

Mine does, she replied, coloring one of the #3s purple. Then she colored the hat pink. And for some reason, she made a bunch of the feathers neon yellow. She never did color the body, brown or otherwise, but she did make the feet and beak orange.

Whatever. It's her turkey, not mine.

Thanksgiving preschool printables

When she was happy with the colored turkey, we moved on to classifying People and Food and making patterns with natives and pilgrims. She really likes doing patterns, sp we played with that for a long while.

And then, she moved on to something in the basement. Probably jumping on the couch with her father.

If you have preschoolers at home, you should definitely check out those Thanksgiving Printables. They're free and fun, and they're a great excuse to spend a lazy morning coloring with your kids.

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6 thoughts on “Thinking About Thanksgiving”

  1. I am a first time grandma . I go by YAYA, like in the movie ‘My Big FAt Greek Wedding:) Anyway, I am downloading the Thanksgiving pages for my grandson and making a folder to put all these great ideas in so I will have them for him when he gets older.
    I homeschooled all 3 of my kids and loved it, THanks for sharing this website and yours just blesses me. I will be here often. I love your insight to your daughters heart Tara. Understanding her emotions and struggles at her early age. This tells me you are an amazing mom!

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