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27 Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler

27 easy DIY Christmas tree ornaments that preschoolers can make - These homemade crafts include everything from pictures to paint to popsicle sticks to pipe cleaners to beads and, of course, glitter. They are a fun way to celebrate Xmas with your kids, and they will make adorable decorations on your tree or great gifts for the grandparents!

When I was putting together our Christmas Countdown chain, I decided to put up a small Christmas tree in Grace’s room.

My thought was that we could put up a special tree – decorated with ornaments made by Grace. I imagine it will have lights on it, too, but the garlands, decorations, and topper will all be made by Grace and me.

That task presented a challenge; I couldn’t at first think of many ornaments Grace could make.

I dug around the internet until I found a bunch. Some are kitchy and rough, others are fancier. They’re all appropriate for the 3- and 4-year-old crowd to work on.

*At the time of publishing, all ornaments were linked to their creators’ sites. Since that time, some of the sites have been taken down and the links have broken.

Homemade Ornaments to Make with Preschoolers

  1. Garlands

    Pipe Cleaner Garlands from This is very simple; they just wrapped pipe cleaners around something round and linked them together. Anyone could make this colorful garland.
    preschool crafts christmas

    Fruit Loop Garland
    from Make and Takes
    fruit loop garland

    Dyed Pasta Garland. I didn’t find any pictures of a garland made from colored pasta, but Marie at Make and Takes did a tutorial for making colored pasta necklaces last year. The idea is exactly the same.
    Grace and I dyed penne pasta this past summer, and we have a ton of it leftover in our craft supplies. I’m going to help her string it on a ribbon to make a colorful garland for her little Christmas tree.
    colored pasta necklaces

  2. Painted Ornaments

    Swirled Glass Balls from These could not be easier. Open the glass ball and squirt paint inside – perfect for preschoolers! See the full tutorial for the particulars.
    preschool ornaments

    Popsicle Stick Ornaments from No Time for Flash Cards
    popsicle stick ornament

    Hand Print Ornaments
    from Our Crafts ~N~ Things
    hand print frame

  3. Beaded Ornaments

    Jolly Elf Ornaments from Grace loves threading beads onto pipe cleaners, so I know she would love making these ornaments.
    elf ornaments for preschoolers

    Simple Beaded Ornaments from Make and Takes
    beaded ornaments

  4. Dough Ornaments

    Homemade Dough Ornaments from A Feathered Nest
    homemade dough ornaments

    A much less fancy (and perhaps less intimidating) dough ornament from Under the Pepper Tree
    dough ornaments

    Clay Hand Prints
    from By Little Hands
    hand print ornaments

  5. Ornaments with Paper or Craft Foam

    Paper Tag Ornaments from Flighty Girl
    ornaments preschoolers can make

    Paper Snowflakes
    . No Time for Flash Cards made a snowflake garland, too.
    snowflake garland

    Butterfly Ornaments from Happy Together
    paper butterflies

    Easy Sticker Ornaments
    from No Time for Flash Cards
    easy ornaments

    Handy Reindeer from Fuzzy Sheep Crafts
    reindeer craft

  6. Ornaments with Yarn and Fabric

Sparkly Yarn Ornaments from The Magic Onion
preschool craft

Candy Cane Mice at Skip to My Lou. This isn’t specifically a Christmas tree ornament, but would be easy enough to hang. You could either add a loop of thread or hang it from the candy cane.
candy cane mouse

  1. Ornaments with Buttons

    Button Snowflakes from Handmade Beginnings
    homemade ornaments for preschoolers

    Button Candy Canes
    from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
    ornament for preschoolers to make

  2. Snow Globe Ornaments

    Penguin Snow Globes from That Artist Woman (based on a tutorial from The steps to make this aren’t all that complicated, but a preschooler would need quite a bit of help. It would be really good for older kids and younger kids to make together.
    ornaments for children

    Snowman Snow Globe ornament from Craft Elf
    Snow Globe Christmas Ornament craft

  3. Glued Ornaments

    Twinkling Pom Pom Ornaments from Zakka Life. This might be my favorite ornament from the whole page. I adore these.

    pom pom christmas ornament

    A different take on the pom pom ornaments from Skip to My Lou
    pom pom ornaments

    Flower Ornaments from By Little Hands
    flower ornament

  4. Other Ornaments

    Recycled Ornaments by Zakka Life
    easy ornaments for preschoolers
    Lego Ornaments
    from Zakka Life. These aren’t glued together, so they can be easily taken apart for play after Christmas.
    lego ornament

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  1. I love these ideas. I was thinking the same thing about letting my dc put up there own Christmas tree but I was just going to take them to HL and buy ornaments that they couldn’t break. I like this idea much better!

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