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8 Books for New Big Sisters

The best big sister books for when you have or are expecting a new baby - Older siblings need reassurance and gifts when the new baby comes. Children need reassurance that life will go on and older kids won't be forgotten. Reading stories about families like theirs will help a lot.

When I wrote about Grace’s big sister gift, several readers emailed to ask why I hadn’t included any big sister books in the backpack.

The simple answer is that I’ve gone well overboard in that area, and we have a handful of big sister books already.

big sister books

Here are the ones that we like:

  • What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home by Heidi Murkoff

    This book is very detailed. It explains why the baby needs so much attention, why it needs to be fed, why it can’t do anything by itself, and on and on. Grace has never sit down to listen to the entire book, but she does really like to read a page here or there. This is a great, great book, and Grace actually chose it at the bookstore.

  • I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

    I just love Joanna Cole’s books. This is a small book that explains in simple and positive terms how babies and big sisters are different. At the end of the book, the big sister realizes that she is special and unique and that her parents love her for it.

  • When You Were Inside Mommy by Joanna Cole

    I’ve talked about this one before. We love it. It’s not about the new baby, but about the reader growing inside of Momma’s belly.

  • I’m a Big Sister! by Ronne Randall and Kristina Stephenson

    This is similar to the Joanna Cole big sister book above, but it’s more in depth and meant for an older big sister. It talks about how cool it is to be big and how much a big sister can do, but at the same time, validates that the big sister wants to be a baby again.

  • The New Baby from Usborne Books

    This one is much less emotional than the others. It explains what happens when a mom and dad go to the hospital to have a new baby. There are no assumptions about it being good or bad to be an older sibling.

In the interest of not going overboard, I am not buying any more big sister books.

But if I did buy another book or two, it would be these:

What big sister or new baby books have helped your older children adjust to a new family member?

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  1. We read Samuel’s Baby, by Mark Elkin before BoyChild was born. It’s good for kids who are old enough to have the little bit of worry about a new sibling coming because it’s mostly set before the baby arrives (where most focus on after baby comes) when Samuel is a little concerned, but it all works out in the end (of course!). (Here’s my full review, if anyone is interested!

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