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The Nittany Lion Shrine

Both Joe and I are Penn State graduates, and we try to stop by the Nittany Lion Shrine whenever we're near State College.

The Nittany Lion Shrine is an enormous limestone sculpture of a mountain lion on the Penn State campus. Since its unveiling in 1942, the lion has been a symbol of the university for students and the public alike.

nittany lion shrinePhoto source

We started slowly, posing an infant Grace on a mini Nittany Lion Shrine on our back porch.

Our Own Nittany Lion Shrine

We didn't attempt the real Nittany Lion until Grace was 2. It didn't go as well as we'd hoped.

Our First visit to the Nittany Lion Shrine

She was scared.

The next visit wasn't much better.

Nittany Lion Shrine March 2010

She was still scared. She didn't really want to go near the Lion, let alone sit on it.

The last time, Grace raced from the car to the lion and quickly climbed up the slippery statue.

Nittany Lion Shrine with Momma

She was so excited that she begged us to go back a few days later.

Nittany Lion Shrine with Daddy

We did. We were passing through town anyway.

Nittany Lion Shrine

I didn't take pictures the second time, but I wish I had.

Maybe I could've replaced that last gem.

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