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Halloween Traditions

I don't like Halloween.

I don't like celebrating scariness. I don't like ghouls and goblins. I don't like the dark, being afraid, collecting a glut of candy. It's just not my thing.

I know I'm not the only Mom who dislikes it. I asked on Twitter one day, and dozens of other Moms responded, “Me, too!” and “Let's just agree to skip it!”

Still, Grace goes to preschool, and she would notice if we skipped Halloween. She and her friends have a party at school, and they talk about their costumes for weeks before the big event. If I made her skip it, she'd excluded, let out.

If I had moral or religious objects to Halloween, that would be another matter. I would make her skip it. I don't, though. I just dislike the concept of the holiday.

I took Grace to Old Navy to choose a costume as soon as they put them out. I love their toddler costumes. They're under $25, and they go up to a 5T.

The costumes are warm and toasty, which is a must for central Pennsylvania. Most years, the temperature during Trick or Treat is in the 40's.

This year, of course, it has been much warmer, forcing us to put Grace in a thin t-shirt and shorts under her costume. Annoying, but an easy problem to fix.

dalmatian costume

Grace has gotten to participate in all of my favorite fall (and her dad's favorite Halloween) traditions this month –

A costume parade

costume parade

A sack race

sack races

A coloring contest

coloring contest

Grace won for the two- to four-year-old crowd. I'm a proud Momma.

Face painting

face painting

Her face was already painted with dalmatian spots, so she asked the girl to paint her hand with a spooky spider.

Painting pumpkins

painting a pumpkin

This one was painted at pre-school. It has loads of brown hair, painted in circles, green eyes, a green nose, and a big, red mouth.

That's you, Momma! I painted you on my pumpkin! Grace exclaimed as soon as she saw me.

I was almost cried, green nose and all.

pumpkin decorating

While I was at the Relevant Conference last week, Joe and Grace celebrated Daddy-Gracie day. They took in a fancy dinner (okay, they went to McDonald's), bought a pumpkin, and decorated it.

I think Joe gave Grace a marker to decorate the pumpkin, but then they agreed that it needed to be carved, too. After downloading a pumpkin carving template at Cartoon Jr, they cut Tinkerbell's face into the pumpkin. She greeted me at the garage door –

carving a pumpkin

I didn't get any pictures of the actual Trick or Treating, but Joe and Grace did that together. They had intended to go just to our neighbors' houses and then drive to a Halloween party.


After the first house, Grace wanted to go to another house. And another. And another. Until they'd gone the whole way down the street and completely missed the party.

You know that I did not go Trick or Treating. First, I don't like Halloween. Add to that the fact that I was a happy pregnant person for about five minutes during my second trimester. Sadly, I've now moved on to pain, pressure, and total exhaustion.

I was not up for Trick or Treating. Not a chance.

They were gone for a solid hour, knocking on doors up and down the street and collecting a bag of goodies.

The look on her face when they arrived home almost made me reconsider my Halloween feelings.


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1 thought on “Halloween Traditions”

  1. I’m not a huge Halloween lover either. But I love Fall, Pumpkins, the smells, the colors, the candy. Hehehe. But I can pass on the holiday.

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