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10 Uses for an Egg Slicer

Do you have an egg slicer?

Mine broke a few months ago and, at first, I wasn't going to replace it. I kept track of all the times I wanted needed it and quickly realized that it wasn't as superfluous as I thought.

Of course, egg slicers are intended to cut a hard boiled egg into uniform slices. It will cut many other things, though.egg slicer

How do I use sliced, chopped, or diced eggs?

Sliced eggs are nice on spinach or other green salads, in meatloaf, or as a garnish. Chopped or diced eggs are necessary for potato, chicken, or egg salad, and are nice for a garnish, too. I use chopped eggs on my asparagus salad and cowboy caviar.

Egg slicer tip – Did you know you can use the egg slicer to chop these foods as well? If you slice the egg (or other food from the list), then turn it horizontally 90 degrees (that's 1/4 of a turn) and slice it again, you'll have uniformly sliced sticks of the food. If you turn it 90 degrees vertically then, you'll have diced the food.

10 Uses for an Egg Slicer

  1. Mushrooms. Sliced mushrooms can go into almost any savory dish! I like to saute them with onions to top a steak, and we put them in most of our pasta dishes and stir fries. They're also nice for salads and pizza.
  2. Strawberries. Slice strawberries for fruit salad and for peanut butter and jelly pie. Top ice cream sundaes, brownies, or make strawberry fans to garnish any dessert. To make the fans, slice a strawberry from the pointed end up to the top, but stop just short of the leaves. Gently push the slices apart in a fan shape.
  3. Fresh mozzarella. If your cheese is fresh, a knife (even a really sharp one) will smash it. An egg slicer will give you perfectly even slices of cheese for your pizza or salad.
  4. Olives. Both green and black olives will slice evenly in an egg slicer. You need sliced olives for salads, pizza, tacos, pasta, burritos, and a number of other recipes (like torta rustica).
  5. Avocado. I love to put slices of avocado on sandwiches, both hot and cold. There's nothing like some creamy avocado on a grilled cheese or even a plain old ham sandwich.
  6. Bananas. Sliced bananas make banana splits easier to eat, especially for children. They also make a fun dessert if you top a brownie or large cookie with them. And then, there's my all time favorite dessert from childhood. My mom would slice a banana, top the slices with a small handful of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Then she microwaved the whole thing for a minute or so, til the chocolate and marshmallows were melted and the banana slices are cooked. Be careful because it will be very very hot and needs a few minutes to cool before you can eat it.
  7. Peaches, plums, and other soft fruits. Even canned fruit like pears or apples will slice evenly and cleanly with an egg slicer. Kiwi and grapes are also quick and easy to slice in an egg slicer.
  8. Butter. If you have a child (like mine) who likes to eat butter from a spoon, you might find it useful to slice butter into perfect pats with your egg slicer.
    Not that I would know. I slice butter into pats for fancy dinner parties.
  9. Hot dogs. If you add hot dogs to pork and sauerkraut or to baked beans, you might like to have thin slices. An egg slicer also makes quick work of slicing a hot dog for a small person.
  10. Baby and toddler food. Thin slices of soft foods are perfect for self-feeding. Any of the above foods will make an awesome snack for baby, especially if you toss the slices with crushed up graham crackers or crushed up Cheerios to make them less slippery.

What do you use your egg slicer for?

Have you seen the rest of the series?

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14 thoughts on “10 Uses for an Egg Slicer”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this segment of your blog. I always leave feeling so uncreative.(That’s a compliment to how creative you are!!). =) How could I have been ignoring this handy tool in my drawer for so long, especially with young kids in the house?!?!

  2. oh!! My child like to eat the butter too. I never occurred to me to cut it up and let her do it . . . it grosses me out so it’s more her trying to outwit me to get some.

    • LOL! If it’s in thin slices, I can say, “You may have one piece of butter for your bread.” and then if she eats it, she eats it. It’s better than the sneaky kiddo trying to attack the stick of butter with her spoon. 🙂

  3. I’ve thought about getting an egg slicer before, but I was afraid I wouldn’t use it enough. Now, I’m totally getting one! I love the idea for avocados. They’re my favorite salad topping, but one of the most time consuming to dice.

  4. I ordered one at a Pampered Chef party this summer to use on strawberries but still haven’t gotten it from the host. I was bummin’ since strawbewrry season is over — but now I have a ton of other uses. Thanks!

  5. Just in warning Do not use an egg slicer on portobella mushrooms (or baby bella). I would only use it on the white button (the normal ones that have been in the veggie section for 30+ years).

    I totally messed up 2 egg slicers trying to slice baby bellas – the first one I thought was cheap but the second one was my pampered chef egg slicer.

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