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How Did I Parent Before I Had an iPhone?

When you're 3, and you have the chance to spend an afternoon with your best friends, taking a nap ranks somewhere between giving away your dessert and getting out of the swimming pool before you're ready.

In other words, you pretty much refuse to do it.

Knowing that she would become completely miserable if she didn't have some quiet time to rest, I grabbed my iPhone. Grace was happy to sit in a chair on our friend's patio and watch an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club.

I hoped that she'd fall asleep, but that was unrealistic. She did, however, spend 20 minutes quietly lying down, resting.

How did I parent before I had an iPhone?

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8 thoughts on “How Did I Parent Before I Had an iPhone?”

  1. I know the feeling – my iPhone has saved the day with my kids several times too! Although then they start begging to play on it every time they see it, sigh.

  2. I know how you feel. I dont have an Iphone but when I was going to the doc all the time my cell got me through many long doctors appointments. I cant imagine life without it.


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