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Playing with Sidewalk Chalk

Some of the joys of summer have lapsed.

No more dips in the pool. No more tank tops and shorts.

Some of the joys of summer linger.

Like picnics.

playing with sidewalk chalk

And games.

playing with sidewalk chalk

And sidewalk chalk.

making a mess with sidewalk chalk

And making a mess.

Some joys never have to end.

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7 thoughts on “Playing with Sidewalk Chalk”

  1. How fun, I would have a very hard time with the mess, I’m the crazy mom on the blog, can’t let the kids be kids because the mess drives me nuts. Yep that’s me. 😉

    • Well… if we’d been at home, I would’ve been crazy about the mess. Fortunately, we were at our friend’s house, and she couldn’t care less about it.
      When she was done playing, she jumped in the swimming pool and got all clean. It was a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Cute photos! Sidewalk chalk makes me shudder. Probably because my girls love to add water to it and make a HUGE mess with it. Good times! 😛

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