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Playing Learning Games

Grace likes to play games on I don’t like her to spend too much time in front of a screen, but I do allow her to play the preschool learning games there a few days a week.

playing preschool learning games

The crown she’s wearing was a prize from one of the Super Why spelling games.

Fun times at our house!

preschool learning games

She is about to say, Please don’t interrupt me, Mom. Can you tell?

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12 thoughts on “Playing Learning Games”

  1. Kostyn LOVES Super Why! I keep meaning to check out those games but we just don’t do much on the computer besides watch YouTube clips of stuff he asks me about (“How does a space shuttle do, Mommy?” “Well, I’ll show you…”) We will definitely have to check out the PBS site though. Looks like fun!

    • Grace likes the Super Why games best. The only problem is that we’ve played the Eraser game like seven thousand times. Or something like that.
      But there are a lot of games to play, especially spelling and phonics ones.

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