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Playing Dress Up

Grace loves to play dress up.

We have a big box of tiaras and jewelry and dresses and assorted other stuff, and Grace gets it out at least once a week.

Often, the scene looks something like this: Grace dons all of the necklaces and bracelets in the box, followed by sparkly earrings and a tiara.

And high heeled princess shoes.

Playing dress up

Cute as she is, I’m ambivalent about the princess garb. I’d rather she dress up like a mermaid or a ballerina, to be honest, but I’d never admit that to her. It’s pretend play, and it’s good for her.

Every now and then, she puts on an outfit that warms my heart.

Like this one.

Playing dress up

That would be Nittany White, I think.

Or maybe Snow Lion.

I like that better, Snow Lion.

Playing dress up

Go Penn State!

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5 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up”

  1. Cute. As I am reading this post, my Grace is walking around in MY high healed pumps. She found them in my closet. Heck, I don’t even where them – they hurt my feet. I think she walks better in them than I do! LOL! She loves to play dress up, too.

    • LOL! I love it! As I was reading your comment, I thought, “Do I even own a pair of pumps any more?” I think Grace would have to look long and hard to find a pair around here!

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