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Keepsake Quilts: Make a Quilt from Baby Clothes


Since Grace was born, we've been storing the baby clothes she outgrew in boxes in our basement. As we packed up each size,  I put my most beloved pieces in a separate box, destined to become a keepsake quilt. Before I knew it, the box contained hundreds of outfits, bibs, and hats.

We found out not long ago that we're expecting another baby girl, and I knew I needed to get working on Grace's keepsake quilt. If I didn't, those outfits would get pulled back out and reused for the new baby.

Reusing the outfits isn't inherently bad, as they are my favorites. But these are my favorite outfits from Grace's infancy. I want to make a quilt that's just for her. The new baby will have plenty of her own clothes.

How to Make a Keepsake Quilt from Baby Clothes

Step One: Find and Sort the Baby Clothes

The first step in making the baby clothes quilt is to find the clothes. I had many more than I needed, so I went through the box with a very critical eye. The pieces to which I didn't have an immediate emotional reaction got put back into the basement for the new baby to use.

When I was finished sorting, I still had about 75 pieces to use, ranging in size from newborn to 2T.

baby clothes quilt

Given the volume of clothes, I set out to find other baby clothes quilts that could inspire my own pattern.

Step Two: Look at Other Baby Clothes Quilts for Inspiration

I scoured the internet for baby clothes quilts. I was surprised at the variety I found. As you'll see below, they range from very large squares in a patchwork pattern to very small pieces in a fancy pattern. Some have borders between the baby clothes, others have the squares butting up next to each other.

From Vermillion Rules, the blog currently hosting a baby clothes quilt along:

baby clothes quilt

This was my favorite design, but I found it in Google images and the link to the site no longer works. Bummer! (If this is your photo, please email me and give me a current link that I can use to give you credit.)

baby clothes quilt

From Wee Wonderfuls, a boy and girl version:

baby clothes quilt

baby clothes quilt

From Legacy Quilts, a mompreneur who makes keepsake quilts from a combination of whole clothes and cut up clothes:

baby clothes quilt

From Goose Tracks, a small company that makes and sells keepsake quilts and pillow shams:

Baby Clothes Quilt

From Willow Creek Baby, a mompreneur who makes and sells keepsake quilts:

baby clothes quilt

From Jelly Bean Quilts, a mompreneur who makes and sells keepsake quilts:

baby clothes quilt

From Kathy K. Wylie, a mompreneur who made this quilt from very small circles cut from baby clothes:

baby clothes quilt

The next step is to actually design the keepsake quilt.

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24 thoughts on “Keepsake Quilts: Make a Quilt from Baby Clothes”

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  2. Tara,
    I have tears in my eyes. The quilt with the whole outfit in the middle just about did me in. I want so badly to put Emmy’s clothes into a quilt at some point, but the thought of cutting them up is almost impossible for me to bear. Seeing that particular quilt makes me think I could do it and just how special it would be once complete. Not sure I can actually be the one to do it, but you’ve given me hope and inspiration!

  3. This is such a great idea in making a quilt from baby clothes! I could use some old clothes that are hand-me-downs to make a great looking quilt for the newborn!

  4. These are so sweet! Now I regret having given away or sold almost all of Molly’s clothes. I suppose I could start saving some favorites now, since she’s still young. The boys clothes aren’t cute enough to do this anymore, unless I want a bunch of polo shirts and Batman screen printed ones. 😉

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  6. My daughter-by-choice and me are going to make a quilt for my granddaughter, Jordana Rose. I just think it’ll be something Jordana will cherish for life. It’s such a beautiful idea, wonderful keepsake. I’m looking forward to being a part of it. 🙂

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  9. I love this! We had our daughter’s quilt done by Snuggly Studios Inc. They have a more contemporary look and feel than some of these, but we love anything baby!

  10. I have 8 kids and I have a few of the baby clothes that were special hand me downs. I wanted to keep them for myself but make quilts from the kids activities shirts, i.e. baseball uniforms, brownies vests and sashes, you know. The baby clothes quilt will be all mine.

  11. How do you attaché the front to the backing. I am in the process now of making one. I sewed the baby clothes to a square. Not sure how to quilt it all together.

  12. While this is a nice idea, it makes me sad because those clothes could have clothed some new baby. If they were stained, or torn, then yes, use parts in a quilt, but if they are still in good condition, cutting them up for a baby quilt seems like a waste.

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