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An Idle Threat

I had to make an idle threat this morning.

Most mornings, Grace throws a fit and says that she doesn't want to go to school. Most days, there are tears.

I think it may be a show on my behalf, but I can't be sure. She really wants to stay home. With me.

I get it. I really want to stay home. With her.

At any rate, I am still teaching, so we have to get ready and get out the door each idle threat

This morning, Grace was exhausted.

Call me crazy, but I blame the internal clock that wakes her before 6 am every day.

She was so tired that she laid on the couch and whined. When I tried to get her dressed, she kicked and cried.

No! No clothes! I'm not going to school today.

“You are going, Grace. You have to go to school today. I have to go to work.”

Nope. I'm not getting dressed. I'm not going.

“Okay, then. You know what? I can't make you get dressed.” I admitted. “But I can make you go to school. I don't care if you go to school naked. Your teacher can dress you when you get there.”

With that, I folded up her clothes and put them into a tote bag.

You'll make me go to school naked?

“Yes, ma'am. You have to go to school, and you are going to school whether you put your clothes on or not.”

You have to understand my parenting, Dear Reader. I never make idle threats. Never.

Except today. There was no way I would have let her go to school naked.

Fortunately, she didn't know that. She only knows that I don't make idle threats, so if I say it, it will come to pass.


“Yes, Grace”

Can you help me put on my pants?

Score one for Momma.

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2 thoughts on “An Idle Threat”

  1. Ha ha!! This cracks me up. I can just imagine her imagining herself having to walk in to school naked. Glad this method worked for you! I just hate that refusal to get dressed when we are in a rush–I always end up frazzled and sweaty before we’re even out the door!

  2. She actually thought you were gonna do it, mommy!!!! She is seriously so darn cute so it’s understandable why you would just want to stay home and cuddle her all day!!

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