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Veggie Tales: Sweet Pea Beauty

At the beach

You may imagine that this little girl hears a lot of compliments about her looks. She has blond hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and she looks tan all year long.

Especially because she's shy, the compliments she hears most often are that she's cute, adorable, beautiful, and the like.

There's so much more to my daughter than her physical beauty. She has a keen memory. She can make anyone laugh. She's reserved and observant. She has a kind spirit and a generous heart.

I don't think there's anything wrong with seeing herself as beautiful; I want her to have healthy self esteem. At the same time, I want her to understand that there are so many other (more important) qualities that make her a valuable human being.

This isn't really conversation I can have with a 3-year-old. She doesn't get it; she can't get it. Veggie Tales: Sweet Pea Beauty was the perfect introduction to the idea for her.

Veggie Tales: Sweetpea BeautyWe've watched other Veggie Tales movies, and I've never been disappointed. This DVD contains two stories, Snoodlerella and Sweetpea Beauty.

Both stories are fairy tale parodies, including details from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, and many other tales. Together, they teach a valuable lesson about true beauty based on 1 Samuel 16:7, “For the Lord sees not as man sees. Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

I love that this video is about God's love for us, rather than about finding Mr. Right and living happily ever after. I think every little girl should see Sweetpea Beauty.

Remember, God made you special, and He loves you very much.

That is my favorite line from the movie; I've said it to Grace many times. She's just beginning to understand that there are many people on Earth with the same name, and that confuses her. We talk about how each person is special, no matter what his or her name. Sweetpea Beauty brought the point home.

I found the same thing with Sweetpea Beauty that I've found with other Veggie Tales stories; they are a little long for Grace's attention span. The next time we watch, I'll pick either Snoodlerella or Sweetpea Beauty, but not both.

You can watch the trailer for Veggie Tales: Sweetpea Beauty or download a Sweetpea Beauty Guide to Beauty.

I received Veggie Tales: Sweetpea Beauty from the Family Review Network and Veggie Tales in order to write this review.

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6 thoughts on “Veggie Tales: Sweet Pea Beauty”

  1. I can’t wait to get this movie for my daughter. We’re having a Veggie Tales birthday party for her (in October), and this will definitely be one of her gifts!

  2. A Veggie Tales party? That sounds awesome! You totally need the movie. 🙂 AND there is a line of branded merchandise to go with it that might be nice for the party.

  3. This is great. I so often compliment little girls on how “cute” they are, but then find myself qualifying with, “I know you’re smart and funny and brave etc. etc. But you’re just so darn cute.” Usually I get weird looks!
    It’s just easy to see at a glance when a little one is beautiful to the eye… Thanks for the reminder that’s there’s more to love than just the outer cuteness.

  4. It’s so hard! I totally get what you’re saying.

    I remember very clearly an episode of CSI where Catherine (the Marg Helgenberger character) was talking to Sarah (the brunette whose name I don’t know). Catherine asked Sarah what her parents complimented her on when she was young, and Sarah said they told her the she was smart, pretty, funny, etc. Catherine says that her parents only ever told her that she was beautiful. I don’t remember the point of the conversation, but the parenting lesson stayed with me, and I think it always will. I think Grace knows there’s more to her than being attractive, but I worry that she won’t always remember that.

  5. Oh I am so glad to know this is the message of this Veggie Tales. We saw a trailer for it on her last Veggie Tales Dvd. Now I know it will be worth the purchase. Thanks, Tara.

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