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Seventh Generation Project Laundry Line Challenge: Our Special Laundry Challenge

Grace has exceptionally sensitive skin. When she was less than six months old, she was diagnosed with eczema, and she’s seen a pediatric dermatologist since.

For more than a year, we had to slather her with Vaseline twice a day and after every bath, just to prevent her skin from breaking out.

We couldn’t use any kind of soap or bubbles in the bathtub. We washed Grace’s body and hair with Dove’s Sensitive Skin bar soap just before plucking her out of the tub because her skin couldn’t handle soaking in soap.

Seventh GenerationWe washed Grace’s clothes and bedding in Dreft for years at her dermatologist’s suggestion. Dreft is really expensive, in case you’ve never priced it.

We only eased away from some of these restrictions recently. We started washing Grace’s clothes with the rest of the family’s clothes and didn’t see a flare up of her symptoms. Then we allowed her to take a bubble bath once in a while, no flare ups.

We thought we were in the clear.

But then, when we were on vacation this summer, Grace had a huge flare up. We went back to step one as soon as we noticed it, but we’re still careful about her detergents and soaps and lotions.

I’m happy to report that Seventh Generation’s Natural 2x Concentrated Laundry Detergent has not caused any flare ups in Grace’s skin. I’ve used it on her clothes and her bedding at this point, and she hasn’t had a break out at all.

Seventh Generation via My Blog Spark provided me with Project Laundry Line gift kit and a Flip camera in order to complete this project.

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