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Muffin Tin Stir Fry

I say the same thing about Grace's muffin tin meals week after week.

Supper deconstructed. Blah, blah, blah.

This time, it was supper deconstructed, but it was really leftovers served for lunch. I picked the parts out of the leftovers, put them in muffin cups, added some dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, and put the whole thing on a cake tray.

I thought the cake tray with the flower-shaped muffin cups made the meal really pretty and coordinated.

Muffin Tin Stir Fry

Clockwise, from the spoon:

  • Yellow squash from the garden, cooked in our General Tso's stir fry
  • Baby carrots, cooked in the stir fry
  • Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets
  • Ranch dressing
  • Broccoli and water chestnuts, from the stir fry
  • Rice topped with tofu from the stir fry
  • Center – a very large strawberry-flavored marshmallow

When I decided to give Grace the leftovers from the stir fry, I didn't realize that they had gotten significantly spicier over night. She ate the tofu and the chicken nuggets and left every thing else.

I wouldn't let her have the marshmallow until she ate one piece from each of the cups, so she dipped a carrot, a piece of broccoli, and a piece of squash in ranch dressing and ate them.

And then she devoured the marshmallow. I think that was the biggest hit of the meal.

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