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Grace’s New Bedroom: I Painted!

When I came in to take pictures of Joe and Grace painting, I noticed that the (over priced) paint was low VOC, the safer kind of paint.

Clean Air Formula

That made me feel safe enough to do some painting myself.

Tara painting

I’d never painted with a roller before, and it was not as easy as I expected. I painted a bit, enough to make a contribution, and then I retired to the living room.

Probably to blog or talk on Twitter.

I’m sure it was something important.

Here’s what the room looked like after the first coat of paint.

First coat finished

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do the paint justice. It’s much more bright, more dark, more pink. Less Pepto.

Stop back tomorrow to see coats two and three.

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10 thoughts on “Grace’s New Bedroom: I Painted!”

  1. I think it looks beautiful! I LOVE pink! I once saw on one of those TLC decorating shows that yello/pink compliment eachother so even though I am not a “yellow person” myself I mix the two to temper the “pepto” effect.

  2. Fun color! We’re looking into doing some painting, too — in the children’s room! And that new “low odor” paint sure is cool! We used it in our living room a year or so ago… :o)

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