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Grace’s New Bedroom: Crazy Painting

Joe had done all of the edging so that he and Grace could go crazy painting the middle of the walls.

Go crazy, they did.

Grace painting the walls hot pink.

Look what I did!

Look what I did!

Painting the Door

Joe painting

I actually got involved in the process (beyond just giving instructions, I mean). Stop back tomorrow to see what I did.

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11 thoughts on “Grace’s New Bedroom: Crazy Painting”

  1. Oh my gosh! Is she wearing a Save the Tatas tee shirt? That’s hillarious! I have to say, I’m WAY too anal to allow a three year old to help paint, you guys have LOTS of patience!

  2. Hehe, she knows this is a “one-time-thing”, right? (We ONLY paint on the walls when Mommy & Daddy say it’s okay…..blah, blah, blah) 🙂
    Cute pics – love it!

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