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Grace’s New Bedroom: Before We Started Painting

Did you see where Grace asked us to paint her room hot pink?

When Grace was born, Joe and I decided that she didn’t need a fancy nursery. I made curtains with baby Snoopy on them (behind Elmo, whose sole purpose is to block out the sunset so Grace will go to sleep at night). We bought fitted crib sheets, but skipped all of the ruffles, blankets, and assorted things-you-don’t-need.

Initially, we used wood animals to make a faux border around the white room. When Grace got old enough to reach them, she pulled most of them off the walls. We added some wallpaper stickers over the years. Some of those survived her little fingers; some didn’t.

Last year at Christmas, we strung up some snowflake-shaped Christmas lights – and never took them down. Grace still turns them on every night.

Here’s what Grace’s room looked like when we got home last Thursday. Ignore the mess. It doesn’t always looks like that.

On Friday, Joe taped off the trim, moved the furniture, and sanded the old paint.

We weren’t sure if the new paint would stick to the old vinyl latex, so the sanding was a necessary step, allowing the primer adhere to the wall. It didn’t take long; Joe has one of those Mouse power sander thingies.

I think he should have been wearing a mask to sand, but nobody listened to the pregnant wife in the living room.


At 8 pm Friday, Grace should have been getting into bed. Instead, she, too, was sanding her bedroom.

Sanding the walls

They eventually broke out the rollers and the paint trays. Stop back tomorrow to see what happened next.

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