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A House on Fire!

You know what they say.

Where there's smoke…

House Smoking at the Choo Choo Barn

There's fire.

House on Fire at the Choo Choo Barn

And, there usually is.

This display is part of the Choo Choo Barn near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. To read more about our visit, go to Harrisburg Area Moms.

Happily submitted to 5 minutes for Mom, Wordful Wednesday, and Red Lotus Mama

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5 thoughts on “A House on Fire!”

  1. We had a fire in the hallway last night. An elephant and chicken had to be rushed by ambluance to the doctors. Thank goodness Dr. Stuffed Frog was available to check them out.

  2. First off, PHEW! I thought it was real like you took a picture of your neighbor’s house from a distance. Thank goodness it’s not! I need to read your other post. That sounds like a pretty “hot” place. 😉

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