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Playing With a Balloon

Joe and Grace found a package of balloons that was left over from her birthday party. Joe blew up one of the balloons and gave it to Gracie.

Who promptly brought it to show me.

Bump the balloon

I bump it to you, Momma!

I got the balloon

I was happy to bump and volley the balloon with her.

Playing with a balloon

While we played, I took a lot of (lousy) pictures of her and the balloon. I was thinking about all of the skills she was practicing while we played.

I can't help myself. I'm a dork.

Throwing the balloon

Hand-eye coordination, how things move when you hit them,

how balloons fall through the air,

Watching the balloon

when to swing to connect…

Reaching out for the balloon

She was learning so many cool physics and sports lessons.

We talked about what she was seeing and doing.

But not so much that it would make our fun less, well, fun.

Waiting for the balloon

Eventually Joe joined us, and we played monkey in the middle and a slew of other games.

I wish I could have bottled the giggles.

Playing with Daddy and the balloon

Fortunately, we had a whole bag of balloons because Grace learned her last lesson a little too late.

The lesson?

Balloons break when you fall on them.

A New Balloon

All told, we used a nickel's worth of balloons.

I couldn't have asked for a more frugal or more fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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10 thoughts on “Playing With a Balloon”

  1. Dylan loves Balloons too, we do the same thing. Blow them up and volley them around. Love the cheap entertainment 🙂

  2. Those are the pictures you end up cherishing the most. The ones that capture your kids being themselves and having fun. How cute!

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