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Muffin Tin Swap 2010

Grace has been having Muffin Tin meals periodically throughout the summer. I haven't gotten the chance to post some of them, but she has really enjoyed the concept.

Michelle, the Muffin Tin Mom, sponsored a Muffin Tin Swap in June and July. The idea was that each person would get a partner, and buy muffin tin supplies for that partner. Then you'd swap. With all of the traveling I did the last 3 weeks, I got a little behind in mailing my partner's package (it's on the way, Monica!) but hers has already arrived here and I wanted to share it.Muffin Tin Swap 2010

It's so cool when you get paired up with someone who thinks the same way that you do. Monica's package has some of these same things inside, but with a different theme. Neat!

Grace opened the package and found all of these goodies inside:

  • Animal-shaped rice molds
  • 2 adorable divided plates
  • Animal-shaped picks
  • Flower-shaped muffin cups,
  • A bento box
  • Candy sprinkles

I had mentioned in my wishlist that I wanted to try some bento techniques, and Monica found me some great things to learn.

Grace was so excited about our new supplies that she asked me to make her a Muffin Tin supper that very afternoon. I did, of course, and I even tried out the rice molds. She gobbled it up, so I'd say the new muffin tin supplies are a hit!

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6 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Swap 2010”

  1. Love the Bento stuff! The divided plates are very cool, too! (I don’t like food to touch, and they’ll keep the cups in place!)

  2. Tara – I am glad that Grace loved her gift. It was so much fun to shop for!! Now off too making some great muffin tin meals!!
    Great blog – I hadn't had a chance to check it out!

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