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Grace’s Muffin Tin Supper

Muffin Tin SupperThis is a super fancy Muffin Tin meal, not our normal Muffin Tin lunch.

I prepared it on the afternoon that we received our Muffin Tin Swap package from Monica in California, and Grace was so excited about the supplies we received that she wanted me to use them right away.

She's not been eating dinner reliably anyway, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to put her normal dinner into some muffin cups.

Whatever it takes to get healthy food into her belly, right?

Grace's Muffin Tin supper contained the following:

  • Top left – Mushrooms and pork chops from the Polynesian Pork Chops we were having for dinner.
  • Top right – Pineapple chunks, pork chops, and sauce from the Polynesian Pork Chops.
  • Middle – Green beans from our garden
  • Bottom left – Black olives
  • Bottom right – Jasmine rice made into a bear and a bunny using our brand new rice molds along with a twisted cheese stick cut in half

I can't tell you how many times a muffin tin or a few muffin cups have saved my sanity at supper time. Something about them makes Grace eat when she otherwise won't.

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11 thoughts on “Grace’s Muffin Tin Supper”

  1. Pretty! I picked up some silicon baking cups at the Target dollar spot a while back… I may have to try them on Noah, just for some color & fun. I've also used them to send Mia's food to daycare bento-style in a larger tupperware, instead of sending the half-dozen mini containers I usually juggle.

  2. Yes! You'll have to check out the Muffin Tin meals at Muffin Tin Monday. Some people really go all out with decorations and stuff. I haven't done all of that yet. At any rate, Grace loves getting to eat out of a bunch of little containers, and the fun ones are just the epitome of cool in her opinion!

  3. see, I knew I would love the rice molds! so awesome Tara! And I am so glad that grace enjoys Muffin Tin Meals and it is great to have you join in. 🙂

  4. What a cute way to prepare and serve dinner. Maybe that would work for us!! We are having some food struggles at times, as well. Love the cute rice mold idea.

    BTW, YOU WON the THai Kitchen cookbook giveaway!!!! I just posted the results on my blog.
    I will send you an email too!

  5. Yes very pretty and fun! Love the cups with feet….adorable and the Polynesian pork chops sound super yummy! Great MTM 🙂

  6. Yes! You should totally try it. Grace will turn her nose up at almost everything these days, but she has never refused anything in a muffin pan or in muffin cups. Never!
    One day this week (maybe, or next week), I'm going to write about our “I don't like that” solution. It's so easy, and it works every single time. 🙂

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