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Grace’s Homemade Tutu

Remember Grace's homemade tutu? I made it last year after our car accident when I was stuck lying on my back recovering.
Homemade tutu

She was afraid of it at first. She wore it a time or two, and then we buried it in her toy box and forgot about it.

homemade tutu without sewing

It was a little tangled, but no worse for wear. She was ecstatic to put it on after its long absence, twirling and dancing all over the house.

no sew tutu

She wore her tutu all day. And then all the next day. And the day after.

This face says it all.

how to make a tutu

Making a tutu is really simple and requires no sewing at all. Check out my homemade tutu tutorial to see the instructions.

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10 thoughts on “Grace’s Homemade Tutu”

  1. Great tutu and love the colors. Good to know you don't have to sew it. I'm not good at sewing but planning on learning with a friend. She helped my daughter do a sewing project for 4-H and that sparked an interest for us. I want to be able to make Halloween costumes and dress up clothes for us. But seeing your tutu would be an easier way until I invest in a sewing machine.

  2. She looks perfectly delighted by it!

    PS. Are you going to #marthablogger ? I don't wanna go alone and I wondered if you were headed there. Hopin' so!

  3. hooray! she looks like she is having a blast with it. i'm glad that she's not afraid of it anymore :). i've made a couple for my own daughter and am making a few more to send to friends.

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