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Grace and Her Babies

Grace is obsessed with babies. She was obsessed with babies long before my pregnancy. She was obsessed with babies even before our weekend at the beach.

Because she loves {real} babies so much, she has developed quite the collection of baby dolls. She is rarely without at least one of them.

taking the babies on the bus

Some of her babies have interesting names, like Big Baby Alexis and Baby Gracie (who smells like baking cookies), some have normal names, like Emma, Katie Joanne, and Nina, and some don't have names at all.

we are going to china on the bus

Sometimes, Grace drags her old newborn bathtub out to bathe her babies. She puts them in a pile next to the tub, bathes them one by one, and then rocks them to sleep, just like I did when she was littler.

Sometimes the bathtub isn't a bathtub at all. On this day, it was a bus to China.

Grace only remembers a couple of places on earth – China, the South Pole, the North Pole. When she's driving a train or a bus, it has to go to one of those spots.

grace's bus

She tried several different seating arrangements, sitting on one side and then the other of the bus, and finally she and her babies drove away.

To China.

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7 thoughts on “Grace and Her Babies”

  1. That's so sweet. I wish my 3 year old would love babies that much. She's more into cooking (she loves Paula Deen) and cars…lol. By the way, one of the names she has given them is my daughter's name. We call her Katie, but her name is Katelyn JoAnn…she's also known as Katie Jo. Just thought that was ironic.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. How cute is that. Driving them to China : ) I love babies too! Playing with dolls is so much fun!

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