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A is for Crocodile

Grace has known for a year or more that her name is spelled G-R-A-C-E. She has been able to recognize that combination of letters where ever they were written, and she knows the word if you spell it out loud.

I just realized this week, however, that Grace doesn’t recognize the letter R, the letter A, or the letter E when she sees them outside of her name.

letter A craftShe recognizes most of the letters by sight, so I was really surprised that she didn’t know those three. They’re sorta important, you know?

To try to help her with the letters she doesn’t know, we’ve started working on a Letter of the Week. We started with A.

Not for any reason in particular. A just seemed like a good starting point.

Our first A-related activity was the alligator A from Alphabet Crafts by No Time for Flash Cards. It was fun for Grace to put together. Allie writes often that it’s important to keep the learning fun and not stressful, so we colored and played and made the alligator.

I asked Grace if she wanted to show it to her father.

Yes! she said, glowing with pride.

“What letter is it, honey?” I asked, just to make sure.

A for crocodile! she responded, still incredibly proud of herself.

“A for alligator?” I corrected, gently.

No, Momma! We made a crocodile for the letter A! she insisted.

You win some, you lose some. We’ll try another A activity later in the week.


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9 thoughts on “A is for Crocodile”

  1. Hey, at least she knows there's a difference between Alligators and Crocodiles! 🙂 This reminds me of when my oldest was little and we were using Oak Meadow curriculum for homeschooling. They had us drawing pictures with the letters like this. It was a lot of fun!

  2. I was so intrigued by the title of this post. “How creative”, I thought to myself. Out of the mouth of babes come the finest things!

    Guess you got yourself another fine follower on the Blog Frog and Facebook from this Finer Things Friday!

  3. too funny!! So adorable! I bet she'd like the book “Q is for Duck.” we just got it from the library but it probably won't help letter sounds/recognition! hehe…

  4. That's so cute! She does look quite proud of herself which makes it all worth it! Eventually she'll learn. :hehe:

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