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My Top Ten Summer Disappointments

My top 10 hilarious summer disappointments - These funny inspirations for summer activities. Funny stories about warm weather. Great sarcastic quotes and humor. These are truths for everyone.

Summer rocks. There’s no doubt about it.

I wanted to write a Top Ten Tuesday post about the things I love about summer, but I’m pretty sure that it would be boring and predictable – popsicles, picnics, swimming, family vacations, blah, blah, blah.

Instead, I decided to write about the disappointments of my summer.

I’m usually all sunshine and warmth, so I thought this might be a welcome departure from my normal chirping birds and rainbows.

  1. I’m a sunscreen delinquent.
    Today, I remembered to reapply my sunscreen. Once. I still got pink, but not nearly as burned as if I’d forgotten all together.
    That’s what I usually do.
  2. Ticks come in.
    Our cats bring in ticks more often than I’d like to admit. I’m constantly yelling, “Joe, where are the tweezers? There’s a tick on the cat!”
  3. There are sweet, juicy fresh strawberries everywhere.
    Strawberries give me hives. I adore them. I love the smell, the sight, and the taste. And I can’t eat them or else I’ll be itchy and scratching for weeks.
  4. I have to weed my garden.
    When it’s cold out, the weeds don’t grow. When it’s warm out, they do grow, and they won’t crowd my colorful beauties because I fail to get out there and pull them out.
  5. I have to nag my husband to mow the lawn.
    Joe hates to mow the lawn. I hate to mow the lawn. I’m a bigger whiner, so it became his job, but he only does it every two three four weeks or so.
  6. I have to sit under a blanket in our living room.
    If we keep our air conditioning warm enough that our living room is comfortable, then the upstairs is too hot. If it’s comfortable upstairs, our living room is freezing. There’s no happy medium.
  7. There are yard sales everywhere.
    Every time we pass a yard sale, I feel compelled to stop and look for Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop toys. Like we need more toys around here.
  8. I don’t get to sleep in.
    Okay, no mother gets to sleep in, but that doesn’t stop me from lamenting every morning that my kid gets up before 6 am.
  9. On the same note, I stay up too late.
    There’s so much to do! So much to write, so much to say, so much to clean, so much…
  10. There isn’t enough of it.
    Okay, so I’m a teacher and I get 10 weeks off from work, but I still long for more.

Disappointments and all, it’s still better than any other time of year!

Happy first (or second) day of summer!

My top 10 hilarious summer disappointments - These funny inspirations for summer activities. Funny stories about warm weather. Great sarcastic quotes and humor. These are truths for everyone.

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11 thoughts on “My Top Ten Summer Disappointments”

  1. It makes me so sad that you can’t have strawberries. So very sad….

    My summer disappointment would be that I am no longer a teacher and I MISS THOSE FEW WEEKS OFF! I know you’re still thinking and planning in your head, but now I’ve got deadlines all year round. Love my job, but miss having a real summer. **sigh**

    Thanks for sharing your list!

  2. My summer disappointment is mosquitoes. I hate those little buggers. No matter what I do they still find a way to snack on me.

  3. I'm totally a sunscreen delinquent, too! My middle daughter's face got burned yesterday, and I felt like every one was looking at us like, “Her mom let that happen!”

  4. Oh really? Yuck. I haven't encountered issues with either of those yet..but then I didn't use to have issues with mango. I was told it was because I'm massively allergic to poison ivy and they share a common substance.

  5. I'm really allergic to poison ivy, too. Like, I get a rash when my husband mows the grass. It's bad. Isn't it bizarre how things are related?

    I didn't used to have a problem with strawberries, either. It's just started in the last 10 years. Until then, I picked them, ate them all the time, and never, ever had a problem at all.

  6. Your list is great. I agree with everything except the strawberries of course ( sorry!). I used to be on that 40 week work schedule about 13 yrs ago and boy, do I miss those days. I still work with kids, but since I have a private practice ( psychotherapist, specializing in organization and ADD), I have a small caseload in the summer. It's not too bad since I love what I do.

  7. Great list! Living in Calgary I really run into the whole “summer isn't long enough” issue. I would LOVE to have time off in the summer other than the odd week here & there.

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