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Muffin Tin Monday

Are you familiar with Muffin Tin Monday?

Every Monday, parents all over the world post their muffin tin lunches.

What's a Muffin Tin Lunch?

A muffin tin lunch is lunch served in a muffin tin. Easy enough, right?

A muffin tin requires small portions, small foods, and a lot of offerings.

Some parents go to great lengths to cut fun shapes, use food picks, and decorate the muffin tin. Being that I'm just getting started, I'm not going that far. Yet.

Most of the time, the muffin tin lunch has a theme. I picked up a plethora of colorful, local fruit over the course of the last week, so I decided on a rainbow theme for our first muffin tin lunch.

Grace's Thoughts on the Muffin Tin Lunch

Grace told me all morning that she did not want a muffin tin lunch. I just want to eat my food!

I made the muffin tin lunch anyway, and she loved it. She ate her lunch, and then asked me to leave it on the table. She munched on the the lunch for the next two hours.

When Joe came home, she said, Daddy! Look at my muffin tin!

muffin tin lunch rainbow

I would have preferred not use a 24-well mini muffin tin, but my 12-well muffin tin was looking cruddy.

Our Rainbow Muffin Tin Lunch

muffin tin rainbow

Grace's rainbow was made of the following:

  • Red – strawberries & red raspberries
  • Orange – colby jack cheese, torn into pieces & carrot sticks
  • Yellow – honey mustard pretzels pieces
  • Green – green olives & petite kosher dill pickles
  • Blue – blueberries
  • Purple – sweet cherries & black raspberries

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13 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday”

  1. YES! Another kid that eats green olives! Mine will eat as many as you put in front of her. I imagine people think it's weird, but if you put down anything, well, she might take strawberries first, but THEN it would be green olives. SHE LOVES THEM! Yeah for another kid that does! (doesn't hurt that I love them, too!)

  2. I like the rainbow idea too! We bought two new muffin tins at the Dollar Tree that are for Muffin Tin Monday use only. They're 6 cup but since I don't bake in them, they are lasting pretty well.

  3. Love the rainbow. My kids actually like it when I use the bigger muffin tins because I can separate the food out more. They feel like it's an accomplishment to finish each cup.

  4. What a great idea! Geez, I really need to have more kids so I can try out these things for the little ones LOL

  5. it's looks so great and I am so glad she loved it! Can't believe grace eats green olives! that's awesome. Tara, it's a pleasure to have you join in on MTM.

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