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Joe’s First Slip N Slide

A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip, Joe told me he'd never played on a Slip N Slide. I couldn't believe it.

Given this tragic news, I wouldn't allow him to pass by the Slip N Slides without buying one. It was $9.

Our Slip N Slide sat around in the box for a month or more, and then, one hot afternoon, Joe spread it out in the yard.

The instructions suggest that the Slip N Slide is for ages 5 to 12 only. Neither Grace nor Joe is in that age range, but it didn't stop them from enjoying the Slip N Slide.

Joe's first slip n slide

Time after time, Joe got a running start and slid down the plastic sheet.

Whee Slip N Slide

We encouraged Grace to run and slide, but she declined.

walking on the slip n slide

Joe could hardly wait for her to finish running walking carefully before he was back on the slide.

another trip down the Slip N Slide

Again and again

Joe still playing on the slip n slide

He even tried different locations in the yard, to see where the Slip N Slide would work best.

Joe on the Slip N Slide

Once in a while, Grace slipped and fell on her bottom. Those were the only times she really got wet.

Sitting on the Slip N Slide

Except when she got too hot and decided to hose herself off.

getting wet in the Slip N Slide

Eventually, she figured out that she could shoot water all over the place if she stood on the Slip N Slide's rails. That made it a whole new brand of fun.

playing in the water

She sprayed herself, her dad, me, and the cat who came too close.

I can make the water squirt

standing on the slip n slide

And then, when walking carefully on the Slip N Slide got old, Grace started drinking from it. That was the beginning of the end.

getting a drink from the slip n slide

She would stand up and say, Go again, Daddy!

Joe on the slip n slide

Happy to oblige, Joe ran and slid down the Slip N Slide, every time she asked.

The Fateful Slide

Until this fateful trip, when he broke it. The whole thing just popped.

The Slip N Slide is dead.

Grace was upset. Distraught.

We got dressed, went to Walmart, and bought a new Slip N Slide. Instead of buying another $9 model, we picked up 2 $5 models. They were essentially the same, and now we have a spare.

Just in case Joe pops another one.

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13 thoughts on “Joe’s First Slip N Slide”

  1. How fun! When I was little, we had a Wet Banana. It was essentially the same thing without the blow up piece on the end, and it came with a banana shaped sprinkler to keep the plastic wet. We had many a great summer afternoon on that thing. It's even better if you can put it down a little hill.

  2. This makes me smile and brings back memories. As a child, my sister and I loved the slip-n-slide. About six years ago my best friend and I decided to go back to the “old” days and we bought one on sale too. Bad idea! As a child one must be immune to the tiny rocks that may be underneath. Needless to say we had fun, but we also had the bruises to show for it!

    Nicole from

  3. LOL This is too funny!! My kids always pop the slip 'n slides pretty quickly so we just buy a huge roll of visqueen and run the sprinkler on it. It's especially fun if you add some dawn soap also. he he.

  4. Too funny!! We had a homemade slip n slide at our house this week too. I couldn't join in since I'm pregnant, but hubby and the kiddos had a blast!! I don't think you ever get too old for that kind of stuff. 🙂

  5. what fun! Modern slip 'n slides look a lot safer than the one I had as a kid that was staked into the ground at the end. I remember it hurting when you slid over those stakes! Glad you all had fun with it!

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