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An Unexpected Nap

What do you get when you add

an hour-long wait for a table

on a holiday

plus prompt kids meal delivery

plus a long wait for the adults' meals

plus an iPhone showing of Max & Ruby

plus a little girl just past nap time?

an unexpected nap

An unexpected nap, right on the table, on Father's Day.

Happily submitted to 5 minutes for Mom, Wordful Wednesday, Go Graham Go, Red Lotus Mama,  Jolly Mom, and Run DMT

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6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Nap”

  1. I caught a couple of quick photos of Taylor asleep in the car on the way home from the lake last weekend. It reminded me so much of when he was little and they could just fall asleep anywhere, anytime. He won't let me post it online though – teenagers!

  2. So cute!!! We had a long day on Saturday. We had friends visiting. We went to the St. Louis Arch and museum, then to a place called City Museum which is more of an amusement park than museum. Once back in the carseat, at 5:15 in the evening. Grace fell asleep. She never woke up until 6am the NEXT morning! No dinner, nothing! She has never done that before- she was exhausted after such a fun day. 🙂

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