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The Uterus Book

On our last trip to the library, we checked out a couple of books about the changes that are going to happen in our family.

Grace loves them. I've already told you that she's enamored with the idea of becoming a big sister.

This evening, she picked up When You Were Inside Mommy, an age-appropriate book about how babies grow inside of the mother's body.

When we read it, I tell her what happened when she was growing in my tummy as well as what's happening now with the baby growing in my tummy.when you were inside mommy

The facts in When You Were Inside Mommy are accurate (like the fact that half of you came from Mommy and half of you came from Daddy), but the book doesn't include details that are unnecessary for a 3-year-old (like how exactly those halves got together).

In some cases, it even uses the correct terminology. Uterus, umbilical cord, breast, muscles.

Grace likes the terminology.

Daddy! she bellowed a few minutes ago, Can you read the uterus book to me?

Joe shot me a disapproving look from the top of the steps.

“Yeah, Daddy! Can you read the uterus book?” I grinned.

I want you to read this one! It's about uteruses! she yelled while waving it over her head.

I'm going to return it to the library (on time, I hope!), but we might have to buy this one.

Mostly because hearing Grace ask for the uterus book makes me laugh.

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8 thoughts on “The Uterus Book”

  1. you should get the “the new baby” book from usborne. you can get the mini sized version for .99 as a promo book. i’m so excited to read it to antonio, it’s super cute.

  2. LOL it makes me laugh hearing about it!! I could totally see Dustin giving me the same disapproving look, I'm sure Ryder would love to use the terminology as well. I am going to have to find that book, it will be neat for Ryder to understand more about his baby sister other than “she is in Mommy's tummy growing up, and she will be born in the hot summer” 🙂

  3. When Emma was about Grace's age she made me read a book actually called “The Tooth Book” so often that I hid it under a couch cushion. I couldn't handle one more request for “The Tooth Book.” You win with “The Uterus Book” 😉

  4. That is pretty hysterical! 🙂

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely revert back to this post next time, Lord willing, there’s a baby in MY uterus….

    God bless you as you abide in Him!

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