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One Big Egg

one big eggMy older sister and my niece gave Grace two great big bubble gum eggs for Easter.

Grace thought those eggs were amazing.

Last week, she asked to eat one.

Obviously, it was too big just to chomp on it. Joe cut it into little pieces for her to chew on.

Not quite getting the gum thing yet, Grace chewed and swallowed one piece after another after another.

She loved it.


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7 thoughts on “One Big Egg”

  1. That picture is ADORABLE! Love the close-up! That's such a great shot! WTG, mama!

    Did you happen to tell her the old wive's tale about gum staying in your stomach for 7 years? Did she poop out a big wad of gum? lol

    Thanks for the WW link-up. You are such a doll. 🙂

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