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I Made You A Surprise!

This afternoon, Grace and I had a conversation:

Momma, you are so fluffy and nice!

“Thank you, Grace! That is so kind of you!”

I made you a surprise today.

“You did?”Mother's Day surprise

Yes! I made you a present for Mother's Day. I painted my hand pink, and I put it down like this {thunk} and I put a pink hand print on it! It's your surprise, for Mother's Day!

I stopped her just short of telling me what exactly it was that she put a pink hand print on.

At dinner, she started anew.

Momma, Daddy and I made you a surprise!

“You did?”

Yes, we did. Do you want to know where we hided it?

“No. You can surprise me on Mother's Day, okay?”

Okay. Daddy and I painted it. We put flowers on it and hand prints, like this! {thunk} It's hiding in the —

I stopped her, again.

It's three days until Mother's Day. I wonder if I'll be able to prevent her from telling me what the present actually is.

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4 thoughts on “I Made You A Surprise!”

  1. No I wasn't there for the calendar but I can totally hear it after hearing her today tell me about your surprise. Mum said they discussed the other day and she was supposed to keep the surprise a secret so she couldn't tell you. Guess she is so excited she forgot. 🙂

  2. I've been meaning to leave a comment on this post for a few days now. That is such a cute story and it reminds me of Zoe so much. They must be really close to the same age.

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