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The Mystery Plant is…

I was shocked that no one knew the identify of this plant.

I’ve grown up with this plant.

It’s always one of the first plants to pop up in the spring.

Mystery plant

I’ve never before been in the forest at the right time to see its flowers.

The flowers are beautiful, but the plant stinks.

It’s called skunk cabbage.

mystery plant

Have you ever heard of it?

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10 thoughts on “The Mystery Plant is…”

  1. I've never heard of it! I was gonna ask if it's edible…but I see that was answered below LOL Personally, I don't like anything with cabbage in the name.

  2. Yes it is edible but barely, and only if you can get past the smell, it must be dried first to eliminate the crystals in it
    Used to be a nasty trick for the kids that knew what it was, dare someone to take a bite of the root. It feels like it will burn your face off, actually not hot but the crystals get into the spaces on your tongue and cut in making it feel like its burning note: jack in the pulpit root will do the same thing

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