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My Weight Release Journey

Have you noticed that I hadn’t posted anything in my Healthier Mom category for the last couple of weeks?

I haven’t had anything to say.

I’m not sick anymore.

The Biggest Loser workouts were just too hard. I tried them several times, but they were beyond my physical capabilities.

I’ve been staying up later and later and getting up too late to exercise.


I’m just not feeling good about my health. I’ve tried and tried to get back to my program, and I’ve failed and failed.

Enter Freeman Michaels and Weight Release

Remember Freeman Michaels?

He wrote the article I posted a couple of weeks ago about childhood obesity. I had intended to interview him about childhood obesity, but we ended up talking about his Weight Release program instead.

I’m hooked. I think Freeman’s philosophy is brilliant, but he can explain it better than I can.weight release by freeman michaels

I have committed to participating in 12 weekly webinars with Freeman. Each webinar will be one hour long (from 7:30-8:30 pm on 12 consecutive Mondays, beginning with 4/12).  I am also doing a workbook process, and checking in with a partner at least once a week.

Was there any doubt? Of course, I’ll blog my experience with Weight Release.

Join My Weight Release Journey

I want to invite you to join me. So many of you have commented about wanting to lose weight or wanting to get healthy or feeling inspired by my journey.

You won’t get another opportunity like this.

Freeman Michaels has generously offered 12 FREE (normally $397) spots for Feels Like Home readers who want to go through his Weight Release program. His only requirement to join is that all participants blog or vlog the process.

This is a wonderful opportunity – I hope you will join me.

What is Weight Release?

The Weight Release Program is a comprehensive, effective, and sustainable program that works because it deals with the true causes of weight-related issues. The secret to releasing weight permanently lies in understanding your mind.

It is an unhealthy thought system that has caused you to pack on extra pounds, and it will be a healthy thought system that allows you to shed those pounds… forever. No exercise program or diet program will ever be sustainable if you don’t fundamentally change the way you relate to food and your body.

95% of diet and weight loss programs don’t work because they fail to address the underlying cause of eating patterns.

This is not a diet program! The Weight Release Program is based on the Service to Self┞¢ Process. This is a general personal development process that has been highly effective in helping people release weight. This program has been adapted and enhanced to address weight related issues specifically.

What you will learn:

  • You will learn to identify and address the underlying causes of weight related issues.
  • You will learn the tools and skills that you need to not only release weight, but maintain a healthy weight for life.
  • You will learn to harness the power of the mind to interrupt unhealthy habits and direct your life towards what really feeds you.
  • The program will provide you with stability to end the yo-yo cycle associated with most diet and exercise programs.
  • You will learn how to eat the foods you enjoy and still be able to release weight.
  • You will learn how to avoid using food to deal with stress, anxiety, anger and more…
  • You will learn how to truly enjoy eating healthy so that you can finally have a sustainable approach to releasing weight.
  • You will learn how to distinguish between what your body thinks it wants and what it truly needs.

How does it works?

12 Feels Like Home readers will receive the following items free as part of the Weight Release Program (normally $397).

The Weight Release Program includes:

  • 12 online webinars, which you can take from the comfort of your own home – all that you need is a computer, telephone and internet access.
  • Freeman’s book Weight Release: A Liberating Journey (e-book format)
  • The Weight Release Workbook (e-book format)
  • Access to the Weight Release community.

It is impossible to fail.

We take failure out of the equation.

Failure and disappointment come from result driven thinking; the weight release approach is process driven thinking.

You are not focusing on weight; you are simply recognizing your patterns of behavior around food – with compassion for yourself.  You are beginning to recognize, with compassion, the life experiences that have contributed to create the patterns.  What you are releasing is the burden of a thought system that has you caught in patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.  As you become more conscious of what is behind your behavior, you will have the ability to “choose” a different way of getting needs met and/or coping with discomfort, stress, fear, etc.

Weight release is a natural byproduct of making self-honoring choices.

What’s as impressive as Freeman’s philosophy is Freeman’s own story.

This is an active process where positive conscious choices replace negative unconscious choices. You will learn tools and skills to interrupt unhealthy patterns and replace the negative behavior with positive practices. These practices over time become habits. As old unhealthy habits get replaced with health habits, weight gets released – not simply lost.

Getting clear about what you really want will likely affect other aspects of your life in positive ways. This program is based on a general personal growth program. Focusing on yourself – becoming “self-centered” (which is a good thing) will probably change a number of areas of your life (career, relationships, finances, etc.).

Not that long ago, I, Freeman Michaels, the founder of this program, was obese. I carried the burden of a thought system that kept me caught in patterns of behavior around food that did not serve me. I was in a dark hole and I could barely see the light. My personal journey and transformation has inspired me to devote my life to helping other people out of the darkness of obesity.

My personal journey out of the powerful clutches of obesity behavior informs my work. I understand the needs of my clients because I have walked in their shoes. I know what type of support it takes to uncover the true causes of weight issues and liberate oneself from the intense hold food has had on one’s life.

To learn more about Freeman and his work, go to:

Are you ready to commit to your own health? The first 12 readers who respond will participate in the program free of charge.

I am receiving the same free package as the other participants in order to blog about the Weight Release program.

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8 thoughts on “My Weight Release Journey”

  1. I would be interested in this. I am a beginner blogger though. If that is okay, please let me know.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Tara, I filled out a form on the Service to Self page that you linked to above. Is that how i enter?? Although I am not obese, I know my mind, and I am scared of my future. I eat and eat and eat out of stress. In the past I have lost weight in anticipation of my next pregnancy… but we're done having kids and I don't want to balloon up in weight like my mom (and MIL) have done as they raised their kids.

    I hope you can let me join your group and blog about it, so that i can conquer my mental demons before I find myself facing a lot more weight to lose in the coming years.



  3. Ok Tara, I nearly cried when I read this. I'm doing #mamavation but this, I think is going to nail it for me. I signed up today on the page you linked us to. Do I also need to sign up anything else? I really hope I wasn't too late in signing up.

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