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I have a cousin I don't see very often.

She's a few years older than I am, and we grew up miles and miles apart. We've never been all that close.

It's a real shame because every time we sit down and visit, I think she should be my new best friend.

swinging with aunt amanda

We have a lot in common – both trained as high school teachers, both middle children, both have master's degrees. We're kindred spirits.

playing with the cousins

Grace proclaimed my cousin's daughter to be her new best friend.

That settles it then.

We're all best friends.

family at Easter

I think my cousin's kids liked playing with Grace as much as she liked playing with them.

catching bubbles

We need to schedule more visits.

playing with my new best friend

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10 thoughts on “Cousins”

  1. How fun! I have only 2nd cousins that are close in age to me and we also live miles and miles apart. I hope you asll get to spend some more time together soon.

  2. We live miles and miles away, too. It took us between 4 and 5 hours to get home from their house. I know it's a lot shorter distance than some people have, but it's long enough to make visiting infrequent. 🙁

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