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27 thoughts on “10 Tips for Improving SEO for Bloggers”

  1. This was THE BEST SEO presentation I have seen. I thought I understood SEO and I do think I got the basics, but I didn't really understand why it worked the way it did. And to be honest, I wasn't convinced that it really did work. Mostly because it seemed like everyone who “got it” wanted to sell me a $99/month coaching class to explain it to me.

    You used plain english with excellent examples to show us why & how it works. Thank you so much for that!

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  4. Can I just say a HUGE thank you?? I am a new WordPress user, and thanks to your presentation at boot camp I just successfully installed the plug in and added all my keywords, etc. Your explanation was just SO easy to follow and I’m so happy that I am finally using SEO!!

  5. Thank you for posting this! What a great presentation, I thought I'd NEVER understand SEO. Now, not only am I not scared of it, I understand it!!

  6. thank you for sharing this with those of us who did not attend! One question—do we need to fill in the All in One SEO form on every post? and if so, the entire thing or just certain fields? Thanks! 🙂

  7. You can fill out whatever you think is appropriate. Honestly, if I'm taking the time to fill it out, I normally do the whole thing.
    I mentioned during my presentation, however, that I don't fill it out for every post. I only use it for the posts that I think will bring in good Google traffic.

  8. Excellent presentation…thanks so much for sharing. I'm involved with the SITS 31 Day Challenge and SEO is something I'm not as familiar about. I'm linking this via Twitter because I know there are a lot of newer bloggers doign the challenge who could definitely benefit from this. Thanks!!

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