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Things to Write Home About – 2/7/10

Here are some gems I discovered found in my feed reader today:

Homegrown: Advice on Parenting & Family Fun

  • Sherri from Zen Family Habits gives us a parental permission slip (posted at Simple Mom)
  • Jennifer at Hope Stuidos posted a tutorial for making a snow day pillow fort
  • Mariana at Riding with No Hands writes about sisterly love (and about free Auntie Anne’s pretzels, too!)
  • Gretchen Reuben, author of The Happiness Project, shared 19 tips for cheering yourself up from 200 years ago
  • Lolli at Better in Bulk shared tips for better pictures using shutter speed

Home Cooking: Recipes & Kitchen Tips

Homemaking: Keeping Your House Running

Homemade: Crafts & Other Projects

  • Jane at Out of the Crayon Box painted her Crock Pot
  • Amber Lee from Giver’s Log posted a tutorial for a ribbon organizer (Thanks to Amy for that link)
  • Kellie from Greenhab posted a tutorial for making your own heat therapy bags at Make It From Scratch
  • Heather at Dollar Store crafts shared a cute diary cover that she found at ELEFANTZ

If you are featured above (or were featured during any past week), please feel free to grab the follow code and post the badge on your site:

Feels like Home

Have you post something this week that was worth writing Home about? Send me the link, and maybe you’ll see it here next Sunday!

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