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I Have Momentum

“I have worried about you for years, Tara. You have always been so confident and comfortable with yourself that I didn’t think you would ever decide to lose weight.”

My friend, Marjy, is lean and frenetic. We’ve always joked about being physical opposites.

I smiled. “It never bothered me enough to do anything about it.” I didn’t need to explain more than that. Marjy knows that I am lazy and that I detest hard work.

“I know. That’s why I worried. I am so relieved that you are changing your body and your habits. You are going to have a better, healthier, longer life than you ever thought possible.”

Marjy is a teacher and colleague who will soon be a Registered Nurse. She’s nearing the end of her clinical rotations, and she has seen, first hand, obese people like me with all sorts of weight-related illnesses.

She’s my friend, so she never pushed or lectured. But clearly, my weight was on her mind. It tormented her.

What I never realized was that starting was the hardest part of the process. Now that I’ve been exercising regularly for a few weeks, I have momentum.

Changes are happening without much effort from me, changes I didn’t think were possible.

Last week, Grace wanted to play with Aunt Amanda, so we dug the driveway out. We’d had a lot of snow over night and in the morning, and the road hadn’t been plowed.  As soon as the car hit the unplowed street, it stopped moving.

Joe pushed the car off the street, and I put it back in the garage.

Instead of giving up and going inside, I pulled my hood up over my head and asked Grace if she wanted to walk to Aunt Amanda’s house. She did.

Joe protested. “There’s 10 inches of snow on the road!”

“Yeah,” I replied. “We’ll be fine.”

“Grace is not going to want to walk the whole way to your mother’s house.”

“Then I’ll carry her.”

“Dear, I really don’t think you should walk over there,” he stressed. Joe doesn’t disagree with me often, but when he does, I usually take his advice.

Except not this time.

“I hear you. You don’t have to go. You are welcome to stay here. We’ll be back before too long,” I replied as I grabbed Grace’s hand and started down our driveway.

There was a time in my life – as recently as two months ago – when I would have happily gone back inside to sit on the couch.

Now, it’s different. I exercise vigorously most days, and a 1/3-mile walk seemed like small potatoes.

Even if it was 1/3-mile up a seriously steep hill.

Even if there were 10 inches of snow on the ground.

Even if it was cold and still snowing.

Even if I don’t have a coat or a pair of snow boots that fit.

We made it to the end of our street before Grace started whining. Around the corner, two dogs romped in the snow; that was the end of her walk.

Safely on my shoulders, Grace began to laugh and clap.

This is so fun, Momma! This is a fun piggyback ride!

I had to stop every five or six steps to catch my breath and let my heart rate slow down a little. It was harder than my most strenuous workout.


“Are you okay, honey?” Joe asked. “I can carry Grace. Let me have her.”

“I got her,” I declared, in between gasps.

The next time we paused, he tried again.

“Really, I’ve got her,” I maintained. “I’m – totally – writing – a – blog post – in – my – head.”

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and grinned.

Joe laughed. “So I was right! Are you going to admit to this being a dumb idea? Is your post going to say, ‘What was I thinking?!? Why didn’t I listen to my husband?'”

“Nope. It’s going to say, ‘How many calories do you think I burned walking 1/3 of a mile, uphill, in 10 inches of snow, carrying 40 pounds?'”

He was quiet the rest of the walk.

When we finally arrived at my parent’s house, I was sweaty and tired and elated.

It’s powerful momentum that pushed me up that hill, and it is going to keep pushing until I lose this weight.

Photo by Anvica

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37 thoughts on “I Have Momentum”

  1. Wow what am awesome story! I am so proud of you for not giving in. I probably would have gone back in and hit the couch without a second thought! Way to go. Keep going.

  2. This is by far the best story I have read! You tell Joe that youare my hero!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for share that! you never gave up and that makes you a hero always and forever in my book! @beeautie2

  3. how amazing. You go girl with continuing on. I'm sure I would have given up with the week that I had, but you are truly motivating. Have a great week.

  4. I’m really proud of you and I’m working right there with you! I’ve only lost 5 lbs in the 1.5 months of working out, but I feel much better about myself.

  5. Tara, you are awesome!! And I am SO proud of you! The biggest reward of this whole journey is the difference that it makes in our daughters' lives. You made a difference by helping her have fun, even if that fun meant that you huffed, puffed, and got sweaty. Keep on keepin' on, girlfriend!

  6. Amazing post. I commend you! I can so relate to this post – I need to lose over 50+ lbs. myself. And to top it off, I smoke. I need to wake up & smell the coffee.

    I love your blog & can’t wait to dig in deeper. I’ve added your button on my blog. I’m just now “expanding” my blog – we’ll see where we can go!

    So nice to meet you. Ü

  7. What would have made this post even better was if I would have thought to snap a picture of the 3 snowpeople who showed up at my door holding my newspaper while Dad said you were crazy and Joe saying I tried to tell her that. 🙂 Dad laughed for 2 days about that!

  8. This is awesome! This is exactly why I am on this mission. I want to be a fun mom! You are already there… good for you!

  9. I sooo loved this post!!! Look at YOU! Look at that determination and YES momentum!! What an inspiration!! Keep up the fabulous work!! XO

  10. awwww…what an inspirational post/story.
    cuz i would have gone back in the house and sat my butt on the couch.

    keep it up , doing awesome

  11. Great job!!! I totally can relate to when you have something in your mind that you know you can do and someone wants to help you. But you know you have to do it yourself! I hope you have a great week and keep up the momentum!!

  12. I'm crying! That was amazing. You burned a lot of calories, but more than that you proved to yourself that YOU COULD DO IT. We can work hard. Our bodies can take more than our minds – and you overcame your mind that day! Congratulations, really. That is POWERFUL momentum!

  13. Wow. Just. Wow. You're a real inspiriation, Tara. And you really make me proud of you! Keep the momentum going and amaze yourself and everyone around you.

  14. You're so awesome!! You are so motivated & the momentum is totally going to carry you forward. I'm so excited to see where you go with this! Keep up the inspirational work! 🙂

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