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Homemade Pizza is Frugal and Healthy

We eat a lot of homemade pizza.

All three of us love pizza, homemade or commercial.

Homemade pizza is healthier. We use low-fat cheese and pepperoni. We load it up with veggies. With 4 different food groups represented (grains, dairy, protein, and vegetables), homemade pizza is a complete and healthy meal.

And then, if you serve it with a salad or a fruit cup, you've increased the health factor even more.

Homemade pizza is crazy cheap. We buy flour in 25 pound bags and re-package it with our vacuum sealer contraption. We do something similar with the yeast. The rest of the crust ingredients (sugar, vegetable oil, etc.) are used in such minor amounts that the cost is negligible.

There is some cost in the cheese and pepperoni, but it's so much less than a commercial or pizzeria pizza that I'm happy to buy them.

It's delicious. Plus, we can customize the toppings for our own tastes.

Like, say one of us hates green and red peppers. That person can claim a hunk of pizza and keep it free from said peppers.

Because we eat so much of it, I have posted quite a few homemade pizza recipes here on Feels Like Home. Here are some of our favorites:

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8 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza is Frugal and Healthy”

  1. Looks SO yummy! We love homemade pizza too, and you are right it can be pretty inexpensive. We all now make our own pizza. Everyone gets their own crust (I am in charge of making the dough and spreading it out) and then we all top it how we want it.

    • We did that for Valentine’s Day! It was a lot of fun, and we each ended up with our own pizza to eat. We’d never tried it before that day, but I think we’ll do it often in the future.

  2. We love pizza at our house! I used to make homemade pizza once a week but then got lazy and we get take out or eat a frozen pizza. This post has inspired me to get back to making it at home ourselves. Thanks!

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