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Grace’s Valentine for Daddy

Joe, Grace, and I spend almost all of our non-work/day care time together.

We're one of those annoying families that like each others company. All three of us prefer to be together, in a group.

Joe and I don't do many date nights because we like to bring Grace along. Grace and I don't spend much time alone, without Joe, and Joe and Gracie don't spend much time alone without me. (Working or migraine scenarios aside, of course.)

Because we spend so much time together, it's hard for one or two of us to surprise the third.

Joe pulled a muscle in his back last week, and he wasn't feeling up to a shopping trip with Gracie and I on Saturday morning.

Undaunted, Grace and I went to several different craft stores and found all kinds of great buys. We love shopping together.

I think we looked at every item in every store, for the record.

At Michael's, we found a great deal for which we spent almost nothing.

Our Michael's store has free Make It and Take It programs for kids. We had to buy the project piece (in this case, a $1 picture frame), and the store supplies all of the supplies needed to finish it, plus a place to work.

I didn't know that Michael's had this program, but now that I do, I can assure you that we'll be spending a lot more time there on Saturdays.

Grace was able to choose between markers and paints; she picked paints. She painted, glued, stickered, and glittered her Daddy's picture frame.

By the time we got home, she was so excited to tell Daddy about the present she made for him that she forgot that presents are supposed to be secrets. She gave it to him, and he was proud.

He's already put his picture frame on the desk in his office.

Don't forget to help your child (or children) give your spouse a Valentine's Day present. It will mean as much to them as it does to him.

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15 thoughts on “Grace’s Valentine for Daddy”

  1. She did a great job on her frame! I can't wait until Brittany is a little older and her and I can do things like that together.

  2. Do they only do them on Saturdays?
    Cause Miss Love would spend all day there, but we would want a different day.
    We looked into their Birthday packages, but they seemed a bit pricey.
    Maybe a day just by herself would be better.

  3. That is so very sweet! What a great idea for a fun Saturday morning. I love when families like to be together. Very special!

  4. Great gift! I'll bet he loves it. Wierd, it's like the back thing is contagious, I threw my back out last week and a co worker did this week. Hope he feels better soon!

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