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Exercising Together with EA Sports Active

One day, a week or so ago, Grace asked me where her fishy was.

“Next to your left hand,” I replied without thinking.

Grace reached out her left hand and grabbed the fish.

I was astounded. I am certain that I didn't know my left from my right at 2.

I asked Grace how she learned her left and her right.

You teached them to me, Momma.

I most certainly did not Grace her right from her left, so I was baffled.

The next morning, I was exercising with Grace when I realized I had taught her right and left, completely without my intention.

See, after rigging up the leg strap to fit around Grace's waist, we did a set of arm raises.

Left arm up.

Right arm up.

Left arm up.

Right arm up.

Without even thinking about it, I was saying everything my trainer said as she said it.

Who repeated everything I said?


Left arm up.

Right arm up.

Left arm up.

Right arm up.

It hit me. She learned left and right from our exercises.

She never ceases to amaze me.

I wonder what she'll pick up next.

Me and my workout buddy

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14 thoughts on “Exercising Together with EA Sports Active”

  1. That's funny! Maybe my 6-year-old needs an EA Sports refresher. He's suddenly started struggling with “left” and “right” for some reason, probably genetics. I didn't learn “left” and “right” until first grade, and it only clicked then because we learned the Pledge of Allegiance. For years after that, I had to say the pledge in my head to remember which one was my right hand.

  2. That is SO cute!!!

    See now, she would be all backwards if she were my kid because I'm the one who always follow the trainers backwards. I'm also the one who had to make an L with my index finger and thumb to remember which was my left until I was out of high school. Wow. I REALLY am a dork!

  3. I just posted last week about my daughter exercising with me!

    It's even better when we teach them without trying to teach them.

    BTW, what game is that you are playing? It's for Wii, right?

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