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Need Help Deciding When To Stay Home Sick?

I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. I'll admit it, though it is totally embarrassing.

Don't tell anybody, okay?

Anyway, I'm constantly looking up my aches and pains and issues online to diagnose myself set my mind at ease.

During the peak of the swine flu hysteria, I checked my temperature every day. And I checked my symptoms against those on the CDC's website.

Then Grace and I did get sick, and my hysteria reached an all time high.

When I really am sick, I worry.

  • Am I too sick to go to work?
  • What if I'm contagious?
  • I need to go to work.
  • I need to get more rest.
  • It's best for my students if I'm the one teaching them.
  • It's best for my students if I don't spread germs to them.

How do you decide whether to stay home or go to work?

How do you decide whether to keep your kids home or send them to school?

It's so hard to know. I like these printable Sick Day Guidelines from the National Association of School Nurses and Triaminic. They are very clear in explaining when it's best to stay home and when it's okay to go to work or school.

Triaminic sponsors a Cold & Flu Symptom Tracker where you can see what's going around in your area and how many cases have been reported. The site also has a Cough and Cold Guide, tips for preventing and getting over the flu, and information for allergy sufferers. I'll definitely be coming back to it soon.

I did not receive compensation of any kind in order to write this post. I thought that these services would be useful to you, my Dear Readers.

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4 thoughts on “Need Help Deciding When To Stay Home Sick?”

  1. One of the worst parts of Suttie being sick was that if fell right before finals. I felt torn because I NEEDED to be with my baby, but also felt like I NEEDED to be with my students. At one point I was sitting in the hospital room at 1 am trying to come up with plans that I thought would help them review. Ugh.

  2. I hear you. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow if I wake up with pink eye. I'm certain Grace has it, and my eyes have that feeling. You know? I can't go to work if I have it, but how am I going to start a new semester on Tuesday without going in tomorrow?!?

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