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Mama is Calling Me

Most nights, Joe puts Grace to bed. They read a couple of books, talk, sing, and he holds her hand while she falls asleep.

Most nights, I'm glad he does. It's their time together.

Tonight, I heard Grace talking – a lot. I wondered what was going on, but I stayed downstairs as to not interrupt. When Joe finally joined me an hour later, he was laughing.

“She sure is smart,” he pronounced.

I know she's smart, but I asked what prompted his announcement.

It turns out that they'd been reading one of her library books (Mickey's Alphabet Soup), and when Joe read the part about the letter H, Grace jumped up out of bed.

Naturally, he asked what she was doing.

Daddy, Daddy! Mama's calling me!

“No, she isn't.”

Daddy, Mama is calling me! Can't you hear her? Mama's calling ‘Gracie, Gracie! Come downstairs! I need you to help me draw the letter H.'

“I think Mama can draw a letter H by herself, Gracie. Get back in bed.”

Daddy! I was ‘posed to help her draw the letter H, but I forgot to do it. Her's calling me! ‘Gracie, Gracie! Come downstairs!'

“You aren't going downstairs, Grace. The letter H will have to wait until tomorrow.”

Mama goin' to be mad I not coming. Her calling ‘Gracie, Gracie! Come downstairs!'

This exchange went on for more than fifteen minutes.

Joe didn't understand why Grace needed to draw the letter H, but I did. Earlier this evening, Grace and I were looking at No Time for Flashcards. We found a project we wanted to make – a letter H with heart stickers all over it.

The only problem?

We didn't have any heart-shaped stickers, and it was too late to start cutting out hearts.

I distracted her with something else, and I assumed she'd forgotten about the letter H.

Turns out that she hadn't forgotten at all.

She's a crafty little bugger.

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