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Going to the Eye Doctor

Both Joe and myself have had eye doctor appointments over the last couple of weeks.

That’s strategic. We usually have money left over in our Flexible Spending Account that we need to use and buying new glasses is a qualifying purchase.

When I was in high school and college, I wore contacts, and I thought I’d give them another try. They’re no more comfortable for me now than they ever were.

Joe saw me fumbling with my new contacts and decided that he’d like to give them a try, too.

And then the eye doctor found something troublesome in Joe’s eyes that may be glaucoma or may be residual damage from his heart troubles.

And then I had to have my contacts checked.

And then the contacts weren’t working out, and I had to try a different brand.

And get them checked again.

You get the idea. We’ve been in the eye doctor’s office two or three times a week since before Christmas.

Grace now walks in the door and says, Where my pink glasses? or Mommy, I want bring my pink glasses home with me today. Okay?

Grace doesn’t need glasses, in case you’re wondering.

And if that’s not enough, Grace‘s pink glasses are adult-sized.

I think she’s so dorky in the glasses. And so unbelievably cute.

And so tall.

I only wish I’d had my regular camera with me on one of the trips.

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20 thoughts on “Going to the Eye Doctor”

  1. I love the shot with her little purse, so grown up looking. Kids are funny the ones who don't need glasses WANT them and the ones who need them “forget” to put them on! 🙂
    I have taken to carrying my camera with me no matter where I'm headed when I leave the house….. just in case!

  2. Kids always want glasses when they don't need them. Tara got glasses for distance right before she started homeschooling… now she barely wears them!

    My GMYBS

  3. Yes, so cute!!! Oh, I pray the issue with Joe's eyes is not something that will be permanent damage and I am so glad he went in to get checked and this issue was discovered.

  4. Haha! Cutest dork EVER! I have a friend who wears fake glasses whenever they go with her outfit (she’s a little…eccentric). Maybe Grace could get some like that. 🙂

  5. It is permanent. 🙁 The eye doctor has decided to treat him for glaucoma because he can't rule that out as the cause. He also can't rule out the hearth trouble as the cause, but that at least won't cause further damage. The doctor said that his brain has compensated well for the damage, so he doesn't normally notice it, but that leaving it untreated would eventually cause noticeable problems.
    I'm glad that he decided to get contacts! Otherwise, he wouldn't have known about the problems.

  6. Being homeschooled she does not have to see the whiteboard, etc at school. When she does put them on when we are out she will comment that she can see things that she didn't see before! I gave up reminding her. She can see to read, the computer and the TV at home!

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