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Fun for Kids at the Pennsylvania Farm Show

I’m not sure how it happened, but I managed to get zero pictures of the animals at the Farm Show this past weekend.

I did, however, get lots of pictures of Gracie having fun.

I’ve never before noticed play areas for kids at the Farm Show. I’m not sure if that’s because there weren’t any in previous years or because I just wasn’t looking for them.

I was really happy that the Farm Show had all sorts of things for little people to do – aside from looking at, cooing at, and petting farm animals.

There was a bean bag toss sponsored by nrgBalance and Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

Then there was a miniature golf course sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Poison Center.

We did that twice. In rapid succession.

I don’t think Grace is coordinated enough for golfing yet.

Or else, she got golfing confused with shuffleboard. In that case, she’s quite good.

Either way, she wouldn’t accept any help or guidance from her dad or from me. Shuffleboard, it was.

A local company called FAMILIES had a vinyl playset set up for the kids to play on. Grace slid down that slide at least fifteen times.

I’m not sure who sponsored this one, but there was a large straw-covered barnyard sectioned off in the Main Hall. It was surrounded by a fence and filled with clowns and stations where little people could play with carrots, potatoes, straw, and pretend chickens. Grace loved collecting the eggs and then putting them back for the hens to sit on.

We followed the barnyard with a trip to see the real chickens and real hatching eggs.

I didn’t take a picture of them, either.

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7 thoughts on “Fun for Kids at the Pennsylvania Farm Show”

  1. We did the farm show last night and I also have very few pictures of actual animals! Nate liked to see them, but we saw everything as we walked by at a brisk pace. He wasn't overly interested in stopping to spend time with them. Also he was rather annoyed that we couldn't open the rabbit cages. I think the best comment of the night was when Mike asked him what we were looking at (geese) and Nate glanced at them and informed us they were penguins. He also really liked the kid's area, particularly the corn table and we also did that slide SEVERAL times! We rode the carousel, which was definitely one of my favorite moments. It's the first time he's been willing to ride one- and he loved it! It was one of those wonderful Mommy-moments when you watch your child having fun and know they are just plain ol' happy!

  2. That's kinda how Grace was. She wanted to look at all of the animals, one after another after another.

    Get this… we didn't even get to the carousel! By the time we played on everything else, Grace was tired. She asked to go home, so we did. I knew there were things over on that side, but we missed them.

  3. Looks like Grace had a blast! We've gone to agricultural fairs and end up taking more pictures of the kids and grandkids having fun!

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