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13.25 Inches

It has been four weeks since I decided to change my lifestyle and lose 100 pounds.

I mentioned before that I don't like hard work, and I am easily frustrated. This weight loss has been really, really hard. Momentum keeps me going, as does an incredible commitment to being a good role model for Gracie.

I won't fail her. She is going to learn to be a healthy, active person.

(I'm going to start with my frustrations because I want to end with my big success.)


My biggest frustration this week has been the feeling that I take two steps forward only to take one step backward. Making big lifestyle changes is hard work, even if you make small changes on a regular basis.

Pounds lost

I haven't made as much progress as I would've liked. The pounds are not coming off as quickly now as they were three weeks ago. I knew this would happen (and it had to happen), but it's still a little frustrating.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I'd lost a total of 11.2 pounds the last time I weighed, on the 20th. I'll update in the morning if I've lost any more.

Back pain

On Friday, I got up at 5 am, and I exercised. I felt great. It was the fifth time in six days that I'd exercised.

On Saturday, I couldn't get out of bed. I had stabbing pain in my lower back, and muscle pain in my upper back. I was afraid that there was something going on with my back injuries from last year.

I took ibuprofen; I called in a refill of my arthritis medicine.

I'm so too young to need arthritis medicine, but I called it in anyway.

I laid on my couch all day, alternating between an ice pack and a blanket. I read a lot of the Bible, catching up on the Bible in 90 Days challenge. My back feels a lot better today.

I'm going to continue taking my arthritis medicine for a few days, but I'm also going back to my workout routine tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.



I haven't had any this week! I am drinking enough iced tea to float a cruise ship, but I haven't had any headaches.


I don't care if my back has been hurting or not, I exercised five times in six days.

I'm not intending to take any days off this week.

New Habits

Eating at restaurants had really become our standard. There were weeks in 2009 when we didn't eat supper at home at all, not even once.

This past week, we ate out one night, at the local Chinese buffet. Both Joe and I realized after we got home that we were disappointed in ourselves. We both ate too much, and we decided together that we are going to avoid buffet-style restaurants from now on.

Losing Inches

I measured myself this evening. Spark People keeps track of my waist, hips, thigh, calf, upper arm, and neck measurements.

I lost inches. If you add up the inches I lost on all of those, my loss totals 13.25 inches.

In four weeks.

My biggest loss was in my hips – 4.5 inches. I also lost 3 inches in my calf and in my waist.

Looking Forward

I am not going to complain about losing 11.2 pounds and 13.25 inches in four weeks.

I can, however, do better.

I am going to re-start food journaling, even if it means I get a little less sleep than I would like.

I am going to read at least 3 pages in The Spark every other day. It's not optional.

I am going to exercise every day.

And I'm going to lose more weight.

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31 thoughts on “13.25 Inches”

  1. You are doing awesome!! and lifestyle changes won't happen overnight! It is a journey and sometimes there are bumps in the road!! Just stay with it!! Trust me! I know! After a year + I think I am finally getting it!

  2. I love that – “And I am going to lose more weight” So positive – it's like when my mom said I couldn't run a marathon – I said oh yeah – watch me! And now I've run three. You will lose weight and you will be able to get off the arthritis pain (because I bet it's not arthritis but more of a weight/muscle strength imbalance). You are doing an awesoem job and Gracie is lucky to have a great mom like you!

  3. You can do it, Tara! You can be a positive role model for Gracie. You will succeed in your goals. Keep working hard and you will keep getting results. Hard work takes time, but it is worth it in the end. It's also worth it along the way.

  4. OMG girl that is AWESOME! Woot Woot! The inches are very impressive. And yes, as you get thinner, the weight loss will slow down. That's just how it goes. But trust me, what ever it is, it's better than losing .25 lbs. per week like I did on some months. XXOO Stick with us kid and we will see you through it!

  5. You CAN do it, Tara!!! I sometimes find that scale doesn't tell the whole story anyway. It's nice to see such progress with inches lost like that!! And it's so wonderful that Joe is supportive in making changes too. Hubs told me yesterday that seeing my motivation helps him stay motivated too (he lost 40 lbs when LB was first born, but has been stuttering around since then).

    Here's to another GREAT week!!!

  6. Wow! loosing that much weight and inches is awesome! especially in four weeks time. Hope your back isn't bad enough to restrict you from working out. Eating at home more can be a hard change when you have eaten out a lot but it will keep you in better check about what you eat and will cost less too! Great job!

  7. OMG woman you're doing great! 11 lbs and so many inches is nothing to shake a stick at. You're making progress and that's what counts. As you get stronger you'll be able to burn more and lose more weight. Keep trucking!

  8. Those are fabulous results! Seriously…you should be so proud of yourself…to commit to something and keep that commitment, even when you feel out of sorts, that is the best example ever for Gracie! You should revel in your success…you've earned it. An aside: the restaurant thing? After 10 months of working my way to getting fit, cooking at home, and make better choices, I'm sad/happy to say, we don't enjoy restaurant food the way we used to. We really can taste the difference and it is NOT better than homemade!

  9. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You have lost a LOT of inches. I am SO proud of you! I have arthritis in my back too, most women our age do, they just haven't irritated it. Don't feel bad about that. Physical therapy helped my back more than anything so you might want to look in to that if it continues to bother you. Here's to a woo hoo week!

  10. Great job on the inches but I am concerned for your back. You poor thing, that is no fun! After my car wreck I was in physical therapy for 15 months but now my back is very strong and pliable. I hope you find the remedy to your situation soon. You are doing well, I don't want you getting de-railed by this.

  11. Go mama go! You WILL do those things – I love it. Love that you aren't just going to “try” but say you WILL. Awesome. My family is the same with eating out – we do it like it's our job. So I know how proud you must be – how awesome it must be – to only eat out once. Great job, keep it up!

  12. Your long-term committment to overall health is inspiring! You're making small, bug significant changes that will take a while to see the results (like not eating out – this is HUGE!! Think of all the sodium you are saving your body :). You are doing so great, though!!! Keep up the good work…and I'm here to cheer you on. 🙂

    -Heather (@wholelivinggal)

  13. Never be disappointed with your weight loss if it's not happening fast enough for you. Slow and steady is best….less likely for rebounds from larger losses.
    I hope your back is feeling better. i have chronic lower back and hip issues as well and have found as I started losing weight the pain is becoming less of an issue. I hope it's going to be your case as well!

  14. Never be disappointed with your weight loss if it's not happening fast enough for you. Slow and steady is best….less likely for rebounds from larger losses.
    I hope your back is feeling better. i have chronic lower back and hip issues as well and have found as I started losing weight the pain is becoming less of an issue. I hope it's going to be your case as well!

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