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The Magic of Christmas

To help Gracie experience the magic of Christmas, we've spent many an evening this month driving around our area looking at Christmas lights. I love hearing her ooh and aah and proclaim them beautiful.

It's simple and free, aside from the cost of gas. We come home elated, all three of us.

Just around the corner from us, a neighbor has a giant inflatable Frosty the Snowman. Every time we drive past it, Grace says, Look! Look! There's my friend, Frosty! He's so cute! See my friend, Frosty? He's my friend. I love him.

We pass that house at least twice a day, every single day.

Sometimes, the magic of Christmas is about giving and sharing and kindness. Sometimes, it's about the beauty of fresh snow or glittery decorations or sparkling lights. Sometimes, it's about the warmth of family or the cheer of a get-together.

And sometimes, it's all about the presents.

I'd be a liar if I tried to deny it, so I won't. A lot of the magic of Christmas for small people and their parents involves presents — buying presents, anticipating presents, wrapping paper, Santa, new toys.


I'm okay with presents. We've spent lots of time this month talking about Jesus and Mary and Joseph. We've done a lot of praying and reading the Bible.

Grace understands that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birthday, as much as  2-year-old can.

It's time for presents.

Around Thanksgiving, Grace told Santa that she wanted a rubber duckie for Christmas. A few days later, she added a train to her list. This past week, she decided that she'd like to have a castle with a tower.

Since that first encounter with Santa, Grace has been asking if Santa coming tomorrow? We keep telling her no, not tomorrow, but soon.

Soon is here.

Yesterday, we visited with dear friends and exchanged presents.

Today, Grace and her day care friends exchanged presents.

This evening, we received a castle to review from Melissa & Doug in the mail from Santa.

She's really excited about opening presents.

The magic is all around us.

Coincidentally, Grace is having trouble falling asleep at night. She wants to hang out in the living room. She wants to play with her new toys.

My not ti-i-i-i-r-r-red! My want to play!

It turns out that magic is not conducive to rest.

Christmas lights photo courtesy of terren in Virginia on Flickr

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