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Dinosaurs are Cool but Sprig is Cooler

In September, I attended the Type-A Mom conference. It was a superlative experience in so many ways. One of the people I met was David Monahan, a representative of Sprig Toys. We chatted about how Sprig products are made from sawdust and about how Captain Owen's boat can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and about the reasons that the figures don't have faces printed on their little heads.

I had the opportunity to chat with David many more times on Twitter, about the balloon boy hoax and other things. I told him that we wanted to get one Sprig toy set for Grace for Christmas, but that we were torn between the Dino Rig and Captain Owen's Dolphin Boat. I told him that I knew Grace would love the boat, but that my own fascination with dinosaurs made me really drawn to the Dino Rig, and we chatted about his daughter's favorites.

Fast forward a few months, past Joe's hospitalization, Grace's broken leg, the swine flu, the scratched eye ball, and the days and days off work with no pay.

My friend, Allie, asked me for my address, and I had no idea why she wanted it.

I completely forgot about Allie asking for my address until the box from Sprig showed up in my living room at the end of a long work day.

I opened the box cautiously, not sure what was inside. I hadn't ordered anything.

There was a Sprig Dino Rig.

Grace was ecstatic; Santa sent us a package.

Santa, indeed.

It turns out that David and his colleagues at Sprig thought a dinosaur surprise would cheer us up after the string of difficult situations we'd had.

They were so right.

sprig dino mama baby

We played with dinosaurs late into the night. Grace loved that there was a Momma and a Baby dinosaur. She helped me to give them matching necklaces, and then they marched all over the place, leaving footprints in the Play-Doh mud.

sprig dino tracks

I appreciate that Sprig Toys are eco-friendly and that they are paint- and battery-free.

Grace couldn't care less. But she loves that the person in her dino rig can be her or her friend Connor, depending on the day. She or he can be happy or scared, looking for adventure or hiding from danger. Grace and her dad adjust the person's face as required by the story of the day. It's easy to do with crayons.

sprig dino explorer

I'm such a dork, and I totally love dinosaurs. It really made me laugh to imagine the Momma dinosaur having a little nibble of the dinosaur explorer. And I can just see the Baby Dino grinning about his impending lunch.

It makes me laugh loudly even now.

sprig dinos eating

I liked Sprig Toys's products from the first time I saw them. But then, to learn that the company cares about people, that they think about brightening a customer's day just because — well, that changes everything.

I'll be a Sprig Toys customer forever.

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