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Decorating for Christmas

Another of my holiday goals was to do something magical with Grace three times each week. So far, our magical things have been playing in the snow, going to the beach, making sand art, and decorating our Christmas tree.

Since I lost the battle to have a stylish matchy-matchy Christmas tree, I haven't found a lot of joy in decorating for Christmas.

It was magical this year.

decorating the christmas tree

Gracie Claus showed up to help with the decorating.

lets decorate

I have so much to tell you about this photo. Tomorrow.

decorating the Christmas tree

I'm pretty sure she's 7 in this picture.

decorating the Christmas tree

Apparently, when you're two-and-a-half, decorating involves dumping all of the ornaments onto the floor and admiring them from a distance.

christmas ornaments

This is my favorite shot. Can you tell?

decorating the tree


getting ready for christmas

Decorating is hard work.

getting ready for christmas 2

Tomorrow, I'll string together some sentences and tell you all about the decorating.

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32 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas”

  1. She is so adorable! I LOVE the pictures (and that dress)! Can Gracie Claus come do my tree too? LOL!

    You know it's funny, last year I was so excited to celebrate Elijah's first Christmas I put up FOUR trees. Yes. Four. Now this year I can't get time yet to put up ONE! lol

    Happy WW! ((hugs)) for motivation! hehe

  2. Very cute.. I also gave up the battle on having a match match tree! Oh well.. no fun for toddlers I guess to have matchy matchy. I remember when i was younger longing for my parents to put colored lights instead of white on the tree.. so we have colors! And miscellaneous ornaments.. some of them hanging from the same branch.

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